BusinessWeek Article Featuring My Blog

The June 28th edition of BusinessWeek has an article called Blogging with the Boss’s Blessing which features me and my blog. BusinessWeek interviewed me last week to discuss why I mix personal information (how I want an autographed photo of Richard Dean Anderson) with technical information (Accessibility, Visual Studio, etc.)

The article is available online right now. The June 28th edition of BusinessWeek should come out in stores next week.

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  1. Mike Dunn says:

    The article requires a subscription :~(

  2. sara ford says:

    Yeah, but the issue will be out in print next week!

  3. Walter says:

    I just read it – I get the magazine and usually hold it, and others, to read on the weekends – I had no idea you were in it so when I saw the article, I rushed out here to surprise everyone and tell them, but alas, you knew. Then it was like… well of course she knew – they’d have had to interview her! 🙂

    Congrats … YOU GO!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Congrats on the mention in BusinessWeek. I was reading the article today and realized I’d read your blog before, so that was kind of cool. I think I’d been reading because you were an RDA fan, heh. I mean, Microsoft is OK and all, but come on, who doesn’t want an autographed photo of Rick? 😉

  5. DrWeb says:


    Here’s a blog item I posted on your article in BusinessWeek..

    They didn’t have a link to your blog in the piece, or I missed it.. but, you were not hard to find in a Google search.

    Btw, I read the article from Google News, link is

    Good luck on the blog, enjoy!



  6. Paul G says:

    On the "not hard to find on Google" comment – how about first in the list ? No bad, eh. You’ll be able to sell autographs on ebay next – or at least swap them for gmail accounts 🙂

    Have a good one


    Stockport, England

  7. Steve Donie says:

    Very cool. I found you through the article in Businessweekm which was picked up by some other email newsletter I get. Cool to see someone in the Accessibility Group getting some publicity. Hope it helps the cause.

    My name is Steve Donie – I was the first full time dev in the Accessibility group – say hi to BrendanM, RobSi, GregLo, StaceyCl, and the rest of the team!


  8. Tony Hughes says:


    Such a wired world. I just read the BW article and, I don’t even know why, but I searched for and read your BLOG.

    Now that you’re FAMOUS, I guess you’ll be really careful what you write :>)

    Enjoy your new puppy.

    Tony Hughes

    Orlando, FL

  9. Waveland crew says:

    Yes, your whole EXTENDED family is excited and happy for you. Unfortunately most do NOT know what "Blogging" means.

    We wish you continued success and happiness at work and in your personal life.

  10. Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle George says:

    Congratulations! We are proud of you and your accomplishments!

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