So close to reaching my google ranking goal and other strange googlings

When i first started blogging, I created a goal to be ranked first on google when you type in “Testing for Accessibility” (no quotes), my article comes up first.  As of posting this entry, it comes in at second place.  So close, but with another 5 months to go (which will make it one year), i think i'll reach my goal.   Interestingly enough, if you type in Testing Accessibility or Accessibility Testing, the article isn't even in the first 40 results.  Silly google.

Here is my list of strange goggle searches that have caused people to visit my blog:

Wow Sara I'm So Impressed With You - but it was another sara this person was trying to find.

Starkville nightlife -  LMAO.  The top things to do in Starkville are as follows: drive to Tupelo, drive to Jackson, drive to Bellingham, drive to <insert city outside of Mississippi here>

Mister Ed Zebra - um, okay.

And lastly, my personal favorite:
My love started in the morning and ended in the evening

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