Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003

As I demo’ed at CSUN, here are the Accessibility Macros for Visual Studio .NET 2003. These macros allow users to tweak the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE by easily increasing and decreasing font size, toggling colors in the editor to pure black on white (or vice versa), and maximizing tool windows.

I’ve created a GotDotNet workspace for the macros in hopes that people would add their own macros for better tweaking the IDE, leave ideas for future macros, and of course to track the number of downloads. 

Even if you don’t use Accessibility Features, definitely check out the Increase and DecreaseTextEditorFontSize macros.  These simple macros will allow you to painlessly increase and decrease the text editor font size by assigning a keyboard shortcut to each macro.  Please see the readme for more information on how to bind macros to keyboard shortcuts.

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  1. Murugan says:

    When i installed and run the macro [IncreaseTextEditorFontSize] i am getting Error saying "Catastropic failure". Anay suggestion.

  2. sara ford says:

    Hmm, i’m not able to repro this exception, so i need to get more information from you. Are the other macros working for you? Are you using Visual Studio .NET 2003? What file type do you have active in the IDE?



  3. Consider this article your one-stop shop for all things IAccessible.  Below is a summary of the…

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