Preparing for CSUN

I’ve finished rehearsing my demos for today. It seems that there’s always one more little tweak to do to a demo before the presentation. But for tonight, my demos are completed. is reporting temperatures in the low 70s this week for LAX, where CSUN is being held. I just cannot wait for the warm weather and the sunlight! Back in February, I was horrified that I actually considered sunscreen when the sun came out for the first time all year. Being from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I don’t think I’ll ever get completely accustomed to the winters here. Perhaps the hotel will have a good place to lay-out. Thankfully, I have an excuse for laying-out in March… I’m from Seattle.

Getting back to CSUN now…

I’ll definitely post my trip report, along with the demos (and any related sample code) here. I have a backlog of comments I need to respond to, but for the past month, I’ve been totally focused on CSUN and automating my test cases for my feature ownerships. When I return from CSUN, these two tasks will be completed, but only to be replaced with the full test pass (I’ll explain this in a later post) and My_Current_Age++.

I’m so taking a vacation in April.

Here’s a high-level overview of what I’m presenting at CSUN:

  1. The ASP.NET Everett QFE
  2. New Accessibility Features in Whidbey (both environment and ASP.NET related)

Wish me luck, as this is my first presentation at a conference!

Comments (7)

  1. sara ford says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the link. Mental note to self: always check hyperlinks after cutting and pasting from Word to .Text.



  2. Matt May says:

    Good luck.

    My best advice for you and CSUN, if you haven’t been there before, is this: get away from the conference hotels in the evening. If you don’t, you’ll feel like you’ve been sequestered, except you still have to pay for your own food. 🙂

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