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I’ve finally made up my mind to blog here about other VS features, instead of just Accessibility.  Note that I’m not calling Accessibility a feature by any means.  Accessibility is just like Localization, Security, Logo, and so forth – it is a standard.  Feel free to contact me or comment here if you disagree =)

Visual Studio .Net codename Whidbey has a new feature called VS Settings. Using the Tools – Import / Export Settings dialog, users will be able to import and export their settings. Also, by using the Tools – Options – Import / Export Settings Page’s Always Save option, users will be able to not only keep an updated copy of their current settings on file, but also keep settings on multiple machines in sync by pointing to a network path.

I owned testing this aspect of the VS Settings feature from the first spec reviews to Alpha release.  The developer for this feature, Tim, has promised a blog posting on VS Settings.  We’ll just have to wait for it on Tim’s new msdn blog.   Tim’s an awesome developer, so if it takes him a while to blog on it, it is just because he’s writing code. =)

Comments (3)

  1. Keith Wedinger says:

    Thank you! This has been a HIGHLY desired feature for me personally because during most of my Windows software development career, I’ve run copies of Visual Studio on multiple machines and moving my settings from PC to PC has been very much a hit and miss operation. Next thing I would like to see is an "XCOPY" style install for Visual Studio. I also do Java development and I can take my install of Eclipse on one PC and simply copy the Eclipse install directory to another PC to copy the install to a another PC. This copy also results in all of the settings being copied because the settings are maintained in an XML file on the hard drive.

  2. sara ford says:

    Hi Keith, thanks for the feedback.

    IMO, an "xcopy" feature would be great for any software application. Today, we have settings stored in at least three places, the registry, the user %appdata%, and the install dir. At least with the import/export settings feature, we’re able to make user settings more portable than before.

  3. Rick Preston says:


    I posted a reply to your multi-monitor question a while back but when I saw this I thought "WOW!"

    I’ve had three PCs since I’ve been working with .NET and every time I change, I lose all my font settings, editor preferences, etc which are a real pain to recover. There’s always one of two settings that I miss or forget how to set.

    This is a GREAT feature! Thanks for putting it in.

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