App Studio Training to Non-technical Folks

Workshops have ended.

Free training for computer-savvy non-technical people out there on building apps. Free food & free account for app publishing.

You have no knowledge in programming, but you’ve been thinking about building an app for a while now, you want share your interests with the world, but you just don’t have enough time and even if you did, where would you start? The answer is Windows App Studio. A free, online app creation tool that allows you to quickly build Windows and Windows Phone apps to publish, test, and share. Make changes, add content, and toggle between phone and tablet views to watch your app come alive.


Microsoft Bangladesh is hosting a series of classes in order to help you learn App Studio for free in hands-on workshops. Just bring your own computer and own internet, and power adapter as we have plenty of power sockets here. Just one class is enough for you, but we are hosting several for you to pick one that suits your availability; remember all classes are same but different timing. We are offering you this workshop at free of cost as well as with a free developer account worth $19, so that you can publish your own apps from our class straight away.


And if you want to advanced programming features, Windows App Studio generates your source code ready for Visual Studio - a feature no other app-builder tool provides. There is no better day than today, so get started!

Class size is 30 and here's our current class schedule:

Class Date Time Registration link
A December 26, 2014 10am – 1pm (Event took place already)
B December 26, 2014 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
C December 27, 2014 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
D January 2, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
E January 7, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 1 January 9, 2015 9pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
G January 14, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 2 January 16, 2015 9.30am – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 3 January 23, 2015 9.30am – 7pm (Event took place already)
I January 24, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
J January 28, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 4 February 13, 2015 9.30am – 7pm (Event took place already)
F (rescheduled) February 18, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 5 February 20, 2015 9.00am – 7pm (Event took place already)
H (rescheduled) February 25, 2015 2pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 6 February 27, 2015 9.00am – 7pm (Event took place already)
M February 28, 2015 11am – 3pm (Event took place already)
K February 28, 2015 4pm – 8pm (Event took place already)
Contest - 7 March 6, 2015 9.00am – 7pm (Event took place already)
L (for ladies) March 8, 2015 3pm – 7pm (Event took place already)
Advanced training March 11, 2015 4pm – 7pm (Event took place already)

Please come as you are. Here’s the address – see on the map and Facebook:

Microsoft Bangladesh
4th floor, Laila Tower,
8 Gulshan Avenue,
Dhaka – 1212

We maintain sharp timing – see you in the class.

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Did you miss previous workshops?

If you have missed any of our previous events, stay tuned to the Facebook event page for updates.


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  1. Md. Abdur Rahman says:

    This is a great step! Need these MORE!

  2. Fouzia Akter says:

    I am really exciting about this training

  3. R Mahmud says:

    Please arrange similar training on January as well… Me and some of my colleagues are interested to join but the dates in December are not suitable for us because this is kind of a Holiday season and a lot of us has already booked schedule for vacation on these days.

    We are quite interested about the app development possibilities for windows. This is a very timely initiative from Microsoft.


    R Mahmud

  4. amitav says:

    I am interested, but I am from Chittagong.

  5. Samin Sharar says:

    This is a great step to make us aware to make essential app & share them with the world.

  6. Nahid Hasan says:

    Thanks Microsoft.

  7. Shariful Islam Siraji says:

    Interested & would like to Join if you arrange in CTG! notify me If U come here!

  8. Tanvir Rifat says:

    Have any such kind of scope in khulna??

  9. Suman says:

    Please Upload videos ……..that will helpful for those who are not able to attain in classes…….. 🙂

  10. tasin says:

    I am so much interested, but because of my class and work, except 27 December I can't. please add me for 27 December class.

  11. Md Abu Sufian says:

    Thanks who are behind of this event. Please offer more event like this.

  12. Md. Nasir Uddin says:

    I like most building an apps.I am really exciting about this training.

  13. Mahedi Hasan says:

    Thanks to Microsoft Corporation Bangladesh who arrange and host this great opportunity for us.

  14. Johabiswas says:

    Hello Sir, I want to online video tutorial. If possible then its great helps for us.

  15. Nabil says:

    Can we get recorded clip in youtube?

  16. zakir hossen says:

    how can apply in this traning.

  17. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    Registration link is live now. Please find the link in the post.

  18. Faysal Ahmed says:

    I need a date on any Saturday please ……..

  19. Mizanur Rahman says:

    "Please do not register if you're a coder."

    Is any program for technical  people (coder) ???

  20. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    Mizanur, we host over 50 events per year for technical people. Stay tuned to:

  21. Wais Kamal Shibly says:

    I am so much interested,  but without Friday it's not possible for me. I you give opportunity for service holders on Friday, so that we can learn it. Thanks

  22. Mr Joy says:

    Pleas arrange this in Sylhet if possible. Thank you !

  23. Love Bdsobuj says:

    I appreciate the initiatives. And I am hopeful that such initiatives will help us to go ahead.

    (এই উদ্যেগ কে আমি সাধুবাদ জানাই। এবং আমি আশাবাদী এই রকম উদ্যেগ আমাদের সামনে এগিয়ে নিতে সহায়ক হবে।)

    I live in Rajshahi, So, I hope Microsoft Bangladesh arrange this Free class/training at Rajshahi. Best of luck.

  24. rahad hasan says:

    I will join it but How? I think it's great.

  25. zakaria bijoy says:

    Chittagong e ei rokom app dvlping r workshop arrange korle valo hoto

  26. Fatin Shahazad says:

    I cannot reg for 21st  , it says not secure site .. why?

  27. MD RAHAD HASAN says:

    Already I conform my register yr platform. But I don't know, How insure me About This course…..>

  28. mamun says:

    Great ..!!! hope I will meet with you ASAP.

  29. jibon says:

    im interested but its not possible to join classes in Dhaka. Any possibilities in ctg ? Plz let me know.

  30. saihanul says:

    I have no laptop .. but I have a Desktop in my home .. But I want to join these classes .. may I .. ??

  31. Anik roy says:

    It's free training?

  32. Aneem says:

    How will I understand that I have registered correctly

  33. tareq says:

    why all the event took place only in dhaka?? couldn't it possible to arrange such in anywhere else like sylhet??


    Very very thanks to MICROSOFT

  35. Naimur Rahman says:

    How Long This Program Would Be?

  36. pavel ahmed says:

    very very thanks to microsoft

  37. Mohammad Abdul Aziz says:

    When we do we get a confirmation mail from Microsoft App Studio for the free training workshop.

  38. Imran Rashed says:

    What about tech folks??

  39. salim sorker says:

    to miniht comment kelior plz offf taime ovar im gooooo comment

  40. salim sorker says:

    im free yo free no poblim ok kelior mean add plz plz

  41. salim says:

    yo kelior comment no plz comment nixte ok

  42. Nahid says:

    I am a student of class 11. Can I join the classes…….

  43. Arafat says:

    Missed it 🙁

  44. hashem alik.. says:

    i am also very interested ..if possible plz arrange outside dhaka also including pabna…

  45. A. S. M. Ekram Hossain says:

    How can I register for this?

  46. Sahariar Alam says:

    hlw, i m interested how can i register?????

  47. Sajjad Hossain Nafi says:

    i m interested how can i register?????

  48. Md Repon says:

    Oaw Very nice your contest my website

  49. Zawad says:

    Can you arrange this kind of workshop outside Dhaka? Can you arrange it in Barisal? It will be a great help for a lots of people here 🙂

  50. parash says:

    I'm also interested but I'm in chittagong….. 🙁

  51. duniya says:

    M class-28/2/15 means what?? is that for males only?? plz let me know  

  52. Salauddin Ahmed says:

    How could I participate here… and want to know any registration process if available..

  53. Md Jahirul Islam says:

    I am very interested to join this training .How could I participate here? How i registration for this training?

  54. Faysal Shahi says:

    Is there any way to get a free WP Dev account without this training?

  55. Md.Giash Uddin says:

    I'm interested but I am live in chittagong

  56. tanveer says:

    What are the procedure to join this training ?

    i wana join this ?

  57. hasan says:

    are u not going to launch this program out of dhaka???

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