Abdullah-Al-Tariq: A Microsoft Intern Who Ships Overnight

When I heard the news that I am selected as an intern at Microsoft Bangladesh in their Development and Platform Evangelism team, I knew that this is the break of shackle that my career needed to contribute to the field of technology. Anyone can understand how honorable it is to be part of such a big name like Microsoft and there are also responsibilities that come with it. As a whole my first impression to the news was mixed with fear and awe. 

I have been intern before and I knew the general procedures to associate myself with the corporate world. I would have to be punctual and formal as much as the circumstances would allow me and learn as much as possible to gather experience. On my first day when I was being briefed about my mission at Microsoft by Mr. Tanzim Saqib, my goal was clear and my fear was lifted. I was supposed to accomplish three things as an intern. The first one was to develop apps in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platform for the local market. The second one was to reach the developers around Bangladesh, especially students who are eager to learn Microsoft Technologies and share my knowledge with them. At last there was the responsibility to attend the meetings with people at authoritative body in Bangladesh that are required to accomplish our agenda.


My first task was to enlighten myself with the knowledge regarding app development in Windows Phone 8 platform. In order to do that I got acquainted with Microsoft Virtual Academy that is a wonderful platform to learn about different Microsoft technologies. I was also given the task to publish Windows 8 apps in Windows Store. I was really excited to be introduced to such a resourceful and well maintained store as Windows Store is. During my learning period, Mr. Tanzim Saqib, my mentor, was always helpful and guided me through every step of it. I also took part in .NET developers User Group Meet Up, held at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. I was excited to learn about different powerful technologies like Angular JS and Web Service. Here I met my fellow intern Mr. Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair from this very university and today I’m really happy to have worked beside such a brilliant guy like him.

After a few days I got the task to develop an app for the top airlines of the country. It was such a huge step for me. I was eager to show my potential through this app. So I developed demos both in Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platform and tried to maintain the quality of first party experience. I succeeded to convince the CEO and got him interested in our apps. Mr. Tanzim Saqib was always there for me when I needed any help and through various discussions I came across ideas and approaches about the app.

In the meantime, Microsoft Bangladesh decided to host App-a-thons in different universities around Dhaka. The thing that mesmerized me the most about these event is the theme. The theme was 1971 and I was really eager to perceive our Independence war and history of a glorious nation through the eyes of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. I must say, some of the apps are so great that it was beyond my imagination at that time. We decided to use App Studio to develop apps for Windows Phone 8 platform. App Studio is an online tool to create Windows Phone 8 apps in an easy way and the tool creates wonderful apps following the Windows Phone design pattern. We held App-a-Thons in Independent University Bangladesh, American International University Bangladesh and Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology on Windows Phone 8 Platform. The theme of AUST was different than the other two. In North South University, we held our App-a-Thons on 1971, Bangladesh but the platform was Windows 8. Through these App-a-Thons I came across number of amazing apps and following the events I discovered that my perception about the apps has developed dramatically and I was able to follow Windows design pattern more effectively than ever. One thing I would like to add here that all these apps are now available as open source project at https://bdapps.codeplex.com.

As my tenure as an intern at Microsoft Bangladesh came to an end, I had totally a different perspective about my career. I met a lot of people who inspired me, mentored me, helped me and on top of everything supported me throughout my stay at MSFT. After my internship, I am returning to my studies at Islamic University of Technology, Gazipur, but I’ll always want to be stay updated about Microsoft technologies and make something happen to the ICT sector of this country. I would like to thank Mr. Tanzim Saqib, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Bangladesh for being very helpful, supportive and most importantly, believing in me. I would also like to thank Mr. Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair, Mr. Areez Khan and Mr. Swagata Prateek for all the support and inspirations. I would like to look at my internship at Microsoft from far away from the future as the life changing event of my life.

This is a self-written testimony of Abdullah-Al-Tariq, and we have published this as a tribute on his graduation day!

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