MSP 2.0: You’re what’s next!

Are you ready to be the next gen developer? Do you love to learn new technology, meet new people and aspire to be stood out? If so, MSP 2.0 is all for you! Let me begin with the question why MSP and what have MSPs done so far?

Why MSP and what have MSPs done?

We have gained a massive body of student community. It’s the most rewarding student community in Bangladesh with huge international recognition and success. Here’s a very quick examples. Did you know our MSPs own Imagine Cup 2011’s People’s Choice award in the Worldwide Finals? It’s like winning the World Cup of the most widely recognized and prestigious technology competition in this planet that take place in 190 countries. Did you know our best MSP of the country has traveled to Seattle, home of Microsoft and its headquarters, attended MSP Summit 2014 and witnessed Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals and also showcased his apps to the Microsoft Researchers and Engineers? Did you know our MSP wrote the first Bangla ebook on Windows Phone app development? Did you know our MSPs write the first phonetic Bangla keyboard for Windows Phone 7 whereas our product team had finally brought it to Windows Phone 8.1 version. Did you know our MSP flew to Lund, Sweden at our expense to attend an international hackathon on mobile image processing where he was selected among top 10 app developers from the world? Did you know our MSP alumni had built the maximum number of apps and earned maximum revenue from this country leaving many commercial companies behind?

Another fantastic year for MSPs is ahead of us, and we have listened to your feedback in terms of how we can improve. We have completely overhauled the program in order to maximize benefit for the fellow MSPs.

Who are MSPs?

To quickly go over the fundamentals of MSP… a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) is an energetic, tech enthusiast, proactive student who cannot resist being associated with Microsoft! As an MSP, your task is to-

  • Participate and contribute to all our technology-related events
  • Build incredible apps, games and exciting demos
  • Demonstrate the newest technologies and host tech events at your campus
  • Acquire the tools and training directly from Microsoft to lead technology discussions at your campus
  • Build your local and global network with industry experts
  • Connect with like-minded students and faculty around the world
  • Attend trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance your knowledge about cutting edge technologies
  • Be the one on your campus with insight and answers on Microsoft technologies – you’re Microsoft’s representatives at your campus!

Introducing MSP 2.0 program

I’m very excited to write this blog post today and announce MSP 2.0 exclusive for Bangladesh. MSP 2.0 program is one step ahead and Microsoft’s initiative to make the whole process more tangible for you! As an MSP now you can have clear idea of your evaluation process and know how you can achieve your projected goal in a more organized manner. The goal of MSP 2.0 is to improve your quality and focus on the impact you can create in the community. You will get to know where you stand against your fellow peers, and it will also help us to nominate the best MSP from Bangladesh at the end of the year to the headquarters, so that you might be chosen by us to fly to Redmond and have the time of your life!

MSP 2.0 points system

MSP 2.0 is a point based 12 months program in July to June session. We review the program in May and reevaluate and renew MSPs in June. We require you to do at least 30 days of Campus activities during semester breaks and 15 days during semesters and that makes 45 days of campus activities per year.


Why Points System?

  • Visibility: We want full transparency in our choices and actions
  • More Mentorship & Connection with Microsoft: The higher the points, the more mentorship from Microsoft is provided
  • Recognition: Be among the best MSPs (prizes, certificates, etc.) at local MSP Summit and build your career while learning and sharing knowledge
  • International MSP Summit: It will help us to determine the best MSP in Bangladesh to send to international MSP Summit

Here’s the points list:



Research paper Published on Windows/Windows Phone


Imagine Cup Competition


Each News Coverage on MSPs


Speaker at an Event


Each Visual Studio Universal App


Each Visual Studio App


Each app Studio Universal App


Each Video tutorial


Each App studio app




Blogging/Social Media Activity


Attendance at an event


Above and beyond

Points case by case basis


Well, how can you gain points and be selected to attend the MSP summit? Your formula to win is (remember, time is the essence):


Now, how will we maintain contacts with campuses? Microsoft cooperating campuses have faculty members’ engagement with us. We maintain contacts with the respected faculty usually one and keep alliance with that institution. We want each university students form an MSP team constituting 3 designated students from each university. The designations are - MSP Lead, Senior MSP, Social Media. Your campus leads have been briefed and trained on their responsibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Be the spark of the next generation Microsoft coder. #LivetoCode

Article courtesy: Sayra Nusrat

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    how can i become a MSP??

    i am interested in MSP.i m reading BS.c. in CSE in Sylhet Engineering College ..

    what should I do if I want to take internship at Microsoft ??

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