Dealing with Copyright, Support Contact & Privacy Policy while Publishing your App in the Windows Store

There are fewer ways to do it. But the easiest and manageable way of them all is the following:

First of all, create a page on Facebook. If your name is “ABC”, then give the title of the Facebook page as “ABC’s Apps”. Make the Facebook page complete by giving information in the necessary fields, for example, images, etc. so that it doesn’t seem like it is a fake Facebook Page, because it’s not.


Now, lets switch back to the Windows Store app publish form:

  • In the field of Copyright and Trademark info in the Windows Store, give the URL (web address/link) of the Facebook page
  • In the field of Support Contact info, give your email address
  • For Privacy Policy, provide with the URL (web address/link) of the Facebook page

That’s all you need to do and you are ready to publish your apps in compliant manner in terms of Copyright, Trademark, Support contact and Privacy policy.

Courtesy: Tanvir Hassan Sourov

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