Internship Opportunity

A lot has changed lately – we are now welcoming candidates for two types of internship opportunity at Microsoft Bangladesh, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.

  1. Duration: Minimum 3 months
  2. Eligibility: Computer Science or equivalent/BBA/MBA student or equivalent from institutions preferably which give credits for internship.
  3. Timeframe, work hours, compensation & others: We are now accepting applications all through the year. Very flexible work hours - we use technology a lot for online collaboration, communication and management, so attendance is not mandatory, but when we have events and meetings, and your presence and contribution are desired, we need to have it. Although we try to consider your class schedule, but best if you don't have classes. It’s a paid position - your phone bills are included for our business to be conducted, and we usually have more than few interns at a time.


Type 1:

  1. Meet customers and exercise Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in building challenging Windows apps
  2. Share knowledge and experience with the technical community through various media, least but not limited to, social media, blogs, code camps, etc.
  3. Manage developer events and own and run app development initiatives
Desired Qualities:

You should apply if you have all these qualities below:

  1. Superior command in business English in all forms of communication
  2. Excellent taste and skill in translating wireframes into work assets, such as CSS or XAML, and expert JavaScript/C# coder
  3. Superior problem solving skills
  4. LEVEL-headed & best in behavior! 

Type 2:

  1. Conduct creative brainstorming on innovation with internal stakeholders, meet customers, win partnerships
  2. Manage developer events and run app development initiatives
  3. Maintain a large community both online and offline to ensure meaningful engagement with the local developers. Take total ownership of the projects.
Desired Qualities:

You should apply if you have all these qualities below:

  1. Superior command in business English in all forms of communication
  2. Incredible at communication, conducting business meetings and follow-ups and creative brainstorming
  3. Courageous, smart and ready enough for a real-world exposure.
  4. LEVEL-headed & best in behavior!


How to apply

Send your latest resume to with the subject line #Type 1 or #Type 2 whichever applies to you along with the date you are able to start. Upon successful completion of internship, you will be provided with a recommendation letter and remuneration for the tenure you were with us.

You may want to stay tuned to my Facebook profile for more updates of what my department does at Microsoft.

Comments (56)
  1. Imam Mohammad Bokhary says:

    Great initiative again for our country and for the developer.

  2. Kayser Ahmed says:

    Gr8 Opportunity ………….

  3. sara says:

    Have a question. can other department student apply for this? Such Industrial and production engineering (IPE).

  4. nishita says:

    can any one apply any time or is there and time limit ?

    and what should be the minimum GPA of the student applying from a computer science background?


  5. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    @Sara and Nishita, there's no min. CGPA requirement. CSE or equivalent is desirable, but if s/he demonstrates strong programming background, discipline might be considered.  

  6. Md Rafiqul Islam says:

    vai i have no experience of c#  but i can the java programming ,so can i not take the opportunity  of internship program?Vai plz inform me . if it is possible for me then i will submit my cv .

  7. Mazharul Hoque says:

    I am a student of Electrical & Electronics Engineering(BSc) and completed C++ programming course.

    My question is am I Eligible for the opportunity?

  8. Safrin says:

    Can I apply now? Where is the location? Is this full time ir part time?

  9. Mustafizur Rahman says:

    tanzim bhai whats the deadline ?

    i am a MBA student at BRAC University.can i apply for internship??

  10. MD NAVEED AHMED says:

    I am currently an undergraduate student of BRAC University enrolled in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. My University does not have a credit system for internship. Am I still eligible to apply for Internship?

  11. Md Abdus Sattar Shohag says:

    Is the registration still running??

  12. v.k.seth says:

    Make Intern provides best summer internship, winter internship & IT internship for college students in India. We offer internship in reputed companies.

  13. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    @Safrin, apply any time – we are flexible with office timing, etc.

    @Mustafizur/Naveed, no deadline – you should apply.

    @Shohag – yes

  14. saad says:

    can i apply for more than one internship positions? thanks.

  15. Saadat says:

    I have recently graduated with B.Sc in CSE. I have already done with my internship at the end of 3rd year. Is there any possibility that I can join here for internship again? Or is there any job opportunity for freshers currently in Microsoft. I am going through with C# with past couple of weeks which seems very interesting for me.

  16. Zayneb says:

    I am currently enrolled in my last year of BBA and I will be graduated in june 2014, can I apply or should I wait until I'll get my diploma?

  17. Anup says:

    I am very much interested for the business intern/ project coordinator intern post, but can you please share me the deadline of applying? and the possible time of starting the internship?

    Thank you.

  18. GGQC says:

    Is this open for international students? or for Bangladesh only?


  19. Md. Imtaiz Uddin says:

    I completed my graduation this year having major in marketing. now i am continuing my MBA from same department ( last semester yet to finished ). Most probably It will be finished  in june 2014. Can i apply for it ?

  20. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    @Saad, you can apply for more than one types. please mention in the subject of your email.

    @Saadat, if you're a newbie in C#, you do not need to apply for Developer Intern.

    @Zayneb, you should apply.

    @Anup, no deadline – all round the year.

    @GGQC, only for Bangladesh, sorry.

    @Imtiaz, you should apply.

  21. Praveen says:

    Can the candidates from Nepal apply?

  22. C J Ekweonu says:

    Does it only applies to the citizens of Bangladesh or are other nationals able to apply?

  23. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    only for Bangladesh

  24. Aynul Bashar Amit says:

    Bhaia, i have sent my CV a while ago. But due to the political unrest, I am not really sure when the exams will end. However I can join the internship from January 2014. Is that OK?

  25. Mostafiz says:

    I already have completed my 5th semester of 8 as a student of ICE  so is there any opportunity to apply and how?

  26. Abdullah Al Saadh says:

    Have any Disaster Management Student join this Internship…….As it is important for Disaster related organization……

  27. Robel Hossain says:

    Via I have submitted my 'Resume'. But not got any response or information about the internship.

    Please inform me.

  28. Shafat Rahman says:

    I m a BBA, 2nd yr, Under grad. student. (Fin.  DU)

    can I apply???

    xtremely eager to knw…..

  29. omar faruk says:

    Dear brother I am now apply for intern program. any test i face for this program if any test then which subjecct study now for test……………..

  30. MUNNA says:

    Dear brother, I am completed diploma in cse and continue Bsc,,, running 5th semister, can I apply this intern program,,,,,,,,,,,?

  31. kousar hossain says:

    Dear brother,I am a student of Electrical & Electronics Engineering(BSc) complete 8 semister out of 12.can i apply this program?

  32. Naomi says:

    Are you taking interns for this summer?

  33. Tanvir Alam says:

    How many hours do one have to work in a week?

  34. Rebeka Sultana says:

    Is this necessary 2 know the skill of App development for applying  as type 2?I have completed  MBA and i don't know how to develop app so can i apply?

  35. Harun Chowdhury says:

    Nice Oppertunity………….

  36. Rafat Latif Taseen says:

    I am a cse student and want to apply for the type 2 . Is it possible?

  37. meraz hossain says:

    I m a BBA final year student.wht d possibility to get d chance

  38. Abdullah-Al-Roman says:

    I am a CSE final year  student want to apply.can I apply the type 2.ans me

  39. alim says:

    Can I apply for this,I think I am dashing candidate for this.I have no educational background,but I have varge experience in computing & others.

  40. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    For Type 1, we are at the moment looking for CSS/XAML experts. If this fits you, please apply including your vast portfolio.

  41. Saeed says:

    I have a diploma in computer engineering. Can i apply for this

  42. Tanzil says:

    Dear Brother can i mail it from gmail or I have to have an outlook account. And if i send my resume how do i selected .. plz inform me brother . @ Tanzim

  43. Golam Mostofa says:

    Can anyone apply for Type 2 positions without having knowledge on programming language but completing BBA ( Exams finished but result is yet to be published)

  44. Humayra Rahman oishee says:

    I want to learn everything and and billedup my skyels. I think a smart parson must keep a knowledge about everything . So it's important for me .

  45. Humayra Rahman oishee says:

    I want to learn everything and and billedup my skyels. I think a smart parson must keep a knowledge about everything . So it's important for me .

  46. Nurar Nahar says:

    it's so important for me

  47. Aminul Islam says:

    Can I get This Opportunity …i am working at a software firm…but i am interested in this internship …how can i do this Please let me know…

    My Email :

  48. tasin says:

    grad.student, media communication…can I for type 2?

  49. Israth Afrin says:

    I've completed B. Sc. in EEE in 2014, Can I apply for type – 2 ? For 2015, in which month/schedule  can I submit my CV for internship program? Any deadline? Please let me know…

  50. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    We're open to receiving applications 365 days/year.

  51. Fahmida says:

    For type 2, does it require to have excellent knowledge on programming language like C#?

  52. Tanzim-Saqib says:

    Type 2 -> no programming skills required.

  53. Shama Shabab says:

    Sir, is the internship opportunity for Type 2 still available?

  54. Tarek says:

    Great initiative! I don't see any job circular of MS neither hiring activities for permanent placements. How should we apply for permanent placements at MS?

  55. Mushfiqur Rahman says:

    Applied for Type 2. Waiting eagerly for a response 😀

  56. Abir says:

    Is there any opportunity for the students studying outside such as khulna (KUET,KU)

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