Two new Whitepapers published

As mentioned in my last blog Hermann Daeubler worked on two new whitepapers which are now published. The first paper describes how to use parameterized MDX in SSRS to access SAP BW, the paper has a walk-through section with screenshots from three different samples to explain how parameterized MDX works in these cases. You can find the paper here.

The second paper deals with the log space usage in SAP NetWeaver BI on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Every customer who intends to install SAP BW is confronted with the sizing question. Part of the task is the estimation of the disk space which will be needed. This includes the SQL Server transaction log. Unfortunately there is no simple formula to calculate the size of the SQL Server transaction log for a SAP BW instance. It completely depends on the tasks within SAP BW which fill up the transaction log. This whitepaper describes these tasks and their impact on the log. The paper is also published in the BI Interoperability area

- Juergen

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