New Whitepaper – iView Web Part Restrictions in MOSS 2007

We just published a new whitepaper about integrating iViews from SAP NetWeaver Portal in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007; you can find the paper at

You will ask why such a whitepaper is necessary since MOSS ships with the iView Web Part Toolkit, a Web Part which allows you to grap an iView from SAP NetWeaver Portal and display this iView in a Web Part in the SharePoint Portal (you can find a description of the iView We Part here). This iView has some problems with iViews based on SAP’s Web Dynpro technology as well as with SAP BI iViews, the Web Part will try to loop the iView and will go into an infinite loop. It’s also necessary to use SharePoint’s Enterprise Single Sign-on which a lot of customers don’t want to do, instead of this they would like to use the SAP SPNego Login Module (for information about Single Sign-on see here). The new whitepaper describes how to build a generic Web Part which allows you to display iViews from the SAP NetWeaver Portal without having the problems with the infinite loop as well as having the possibility to use other Single Sign-on techniques which can be used.

- Juergen

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