The Azure Monitoring Extension for SAP on Windows – Possible Error Codes and Their Solutions

The Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP provides configuration information and performance data of the underlying Azure infrastructure and makes it available to the SAP application. It contains built-in self-diagnostics which enables identification of the health and completeness of the infrastructure data required by SAP services and support. For details on the setup and for… Read more

Best Practices for Maintaining SQL Server SAP Systems

The following recommendations are best practices for maintaining a SQL Server Netweaver database for an SAP implementation. The list is weighted heaviest from a Disaster Recovery perspective.  For most of this audience, such critically important items are already well understood.  But, unfortunately, that isn’t true for those environments where DBA responsibilities continue to be overlooked for… Read more

How to enable SAP "enhanced monitoring" via Powershell

Update Sep 27 2012 bug fix in PS script. An issue showed up using the script on a Windows 2012 server. The script failed to remove an entry from the two local user groups due to case sensitivity regarding the VM name.   Status Quo    I published a blog beginning of the year which describes… Read more

SAP enhanced monitoring on Hyper-V

Why “enhanced monitoring” ?   SAP developed a very comprehensive and sophisticated monitoring framework over the years to monitor SAP, OS, Database and the hardware infrastructure. All the numbers and output can be seen via the SAP GUI using certain transactions ( e.g. OS07, ST06 ).With virtualization a new challenge arose. Let’s take root cause… Read more