Setting Up Hana System Replication on Azure Hana Large Instances

This blog details a recent customer deployment by Cognizant SAP Cloud team  on HANA Large Instances. From an architecture perspective of HANA Large Instances, the usage of HANA System Replication as disaster recovery functionality between two HANA Large Instance units in two different Azure regions does not work. Reason is that the network architecture applied… Read more

File Server with SOFS and S2D as an Alternative to Cluster Shared Disk for Clustering of an SAP (A)SCS Instance in Azure is Generally Available

We are excited to announce general availability of clustering of an SAP (A)SCS instance on Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) with file server, e.g. Scale Out File Server (SOFS) and Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) in Azure cloud. This is an alternative option for clustering of an SAP (A)SCS instance, to the existing option with cluster… Read more

Protecting SAP Solutions with Azure Site Recovery

Protect SAP Applications Most large and medium sized SAP solutions have some form of Disaster Recovery solution. The importance of robust and testable Disaster Recovery solutions has increased as more core business processes are moved to applications such as SAP. Azure Site Recovery has been tested and integrated with SAP applications and exceeds the capabilities… Read more

High Available ASCS for Windows on File Share – Shared Disk No Longer Required

SAP Highly Available ASCS Now Supports File Share UNC Source SAP has released documentation and a new Windows Cluster DLL that enables the SAP ASCS to leverage a SMB UNC source as opposed to a Cluster Shared Disk. The solution has been tested and documented by SAP for usage in non-productive systems and can be… Read more

SAP on Azure: General Update for Customers & Partners April 2017

SAP and Microsoft are continuously adding new features and functionalities to the Azure cloud platform. The objective of the Azure cloud platform is to provide the same performance, product availability support matrix and availability as on-premises solutions with the added flexibility of cloud. This blog includes updates, fixes, enhancements and best practice recommendations collated over… Read more

Large Australian Energy Company Modernizes SAP Applications & Moves to Azure Public Cloud

This blog is a technical overview of a project recently completed by a large Australian Energy Company (the Company) over the past 12 months to transform the Company’s SAP Solution from an End of Life HPUX/Oracle platform to a modern SQL Server 2016 solution running on the Azure Public Cloud. This blog focuses on the… Read more

SQL Server 2016 Distributed Availability Groups for SAP

As mentioned in an earlier blog, we wanted to introduce Distributed Availability Groups in a separate article. This is one of the articles. Just to refresh what Distributed Availability Groups are, here a pointer to the documentation: However, please realize that some important commands/steps did not make it into the documentation as of 06/04/2016… Read more

SAP on SQL: General Update for Customers & Partners June 2016

Introduction SAP and Microsoft are continuously adding new features and functionalities to the SAP on SQL Server platform. The key objective of the SAP on Windows SQL port is to deliver the best performance and availability at the lowest TCO. This blog includes updates, fixes, enhancements and best practice recommendations collated over recent months. 1…. Read more

Protecting SAP Systems Running on VMware with Azure Site Recovery

Introduction Azure Site Recovery delivers a powerful toolset to customers seeking to deploy or improve their Disaster Recovery solutions. The key differentiators between Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and competing technologies: Azure Site Recovery substantially lowers the cost of DR solutions. Virtual Machines are not charged for unless there is an actual DR event (such as… Read more

SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn for SAP

We know we are a bit late. But honestly we were very busy, also with exploring the great SQL Server 2016 features. That is why we did not write anything about SQL Server 2016 despite the fact that we are in the last phase of development and SQL Server 2016 launch to which we contributed as a… Read more