Large Australian Energy Company Modernizes SAP Applications & Moves to Azure Public Cloud

This blog is a technical overview of a project recently completed by a large Australian Energy Company (the Company) over the past 12 months to transform the Company’s SAP Solution from an End of Life HPUX/Oracle platform to a modern SQL Server 2016 solution running on the Azure Public Cloud. This blog focuses on the… Read more

Recent SAP BW improvements for SQL Server

Over the course of the last few months we implemented several improvements in SAP BW. We already blogged about two improvements separately: In this blog we want to describe a few, additional improvements BW query performance of F4-Help Some BW queries were not using intra-query parallelism, because the BW statement generator did not… Read more

Improved SAP compression tool MSSCOMPRESS

SAP program MSSCOMPRESS is a tool for reducing disk space usage of SAP NetWeaver based systems. In addition, it is often used as a monitoring tool. MSSCOMPRESS has been released by SAP over 6 years ago. In the meanwhile, several improvements have been implemented. The latest version of MSSCOMPRESS is available as an attachment of… Read more

New functionality in SQL Server 2014 – Part 1- Modifiable Column Store Index

As you dear reader realized, there was not that much activity on our blog over the last few months. Reason for the lower output of blogs certainly has to do with work that the team is performing right now in different projects with SAP. One of the projects we were working on hard is SQL… Read more

Infrastructure Recommendations for SAP on SQL Server: “in-memory” Performance

In recent years the capabilities of Intel and AMD commodity servers have grown exponentially.  Processing power (SAPS) has increased and the cost of RAM has decreased dramatically. SQL Server leverages these developments in hardware technologies with features that reduce storage and memory footprint such as SQL Server PAGE compression and SQL Server Column Store to deliver… Read more

SAP OS/DB Migration to SQL Server–FAQ v5.0 May 2013

The FAQ document attached to this blog is the cumulative knowledge gained from hundreds of customers that have moved off UNIX/Oracle and DB2 to Windows and SQL Server in recent years.  Intel based servers provide all of the required Enterprise Features at a fraction of the cost of UNIX hardware.  SAP provide fast, safe and… Read more

Optimizing BW Query Performance

SAP BW query performance depends on many factors: hardware, database configuration, BW configuration and last but not least BW cube design and BW query design. When running a query, there are several caches involved: disk caches, database caches and the BW OLAP cache. You should keep this in mind when comparing BW query performance of… Read more

SQL Server Column-Store available for all major SAP BW releases

Last Week SAP released Support Package Stack 5 for EHP1 of NetWeaver 7.3. Hereby all of the following equivalent SPS levels are now available: SPS 27 of SAP BW 7.0 (SAP NetWeaver 7.0) SPS 12 of SAP BW 7.01 (SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0) SPS 12 of SAP BW 7.02 (SAP enhancement… Read more

SQL Server 2012 Column-store support for SAP BW

SQL Server 2012 introduced an additional storage format for data. Besides the normal row-oriented store, there is a column-oriented store as well (like in SAP HANA). In order to make it as transparent as possible, the new column store got exposed to the Database Administrators and Applications as a new index type: non-clustered column-store index…. Read more

Performance of index creation

The creation of database indexes is often a significant part in SAP BW process chains. Even on up-to-date database servers the index creation on a BW cube may take several hours. The obvious way to speed-up this procedure would be to increase parallelism by setting the SQL Server configuration option “max degree of parallelism” (MaxDop)…. Read more