Best Practices for Maintaining SQL Server SAP Systems

The following recommendations are best practices for maintaining a SQL Server Netweaver database for an SAP implementation. The list is weighted heaviest from a Disaster Recovery perspective.  For most of this audience, such critically important items are already well understood.  But, unfortunately, that isn’t true for those environments where DBA responsibilities continue to be overlooked for… Read more

FAQs CHECKDB in SAP SQL Server Databases…Again

1.  What is CHECKDB? 2.  What is the reason for yet another post about CHECKDBs on SAP SQL Server databases? 3.  What is database corruption? 4.  What can cause database corruption? 5.  Why should you be concerned about corruption in a database? 6.  How does one learn that they have corruption in a database? 7.  What should you do when you encounter… Read more

Corruption Handling in SAP Databases

What is database corruption?  Why should you be concerned about corruption in a database?  What should you do when you encounter corruption in an SAP database on SQL Server?  This blog post is relevant for handling a corrupt SAP NetWeaver database on SQL Server.    Physical corruption happens on all database platforms with any Relational… Read more

Faster DBCC CHECKDB Released in SQL 2008 R2 SP1 CU4 : Traceflag 2562 & 2549

  CHECKDB Times are Reduced with New CHECKDB Functionality Customers with larger databases are recommended to upgrade to SQL 2008 R2 SP1 Cumulative Update 4 to benefit from new improved CHECKDB functionality described in KB2634571.    CHECKDB Runtimes are Currently Too Long SAP on Windows SQL customers now have databases 16-17TB.  Customers larger than 10TB are… Read more