Proportional fill and how to check whether it works

Being on a business trip in Japan a customer described a case where they had their SAP system running on SQL Server. In their opinion they did everything right in terms of using our proportional fill features as it is described However after the last bigger archiving session where SD and FI objects of… Read more

SAP Support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Microsoft will release a new Windows Server product and a new SQL Server release next year. Windows Server 2008 (formerly ‘Longhorn’) should release in Q1 of CY2008 whereas SQL Server 2008 (formerly ‘Katmai’) will be released in summer CY2008. As usual pre-released versions of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 already are used intensively… Read more

WebCast on SAP ERP Unicode Migration in Microsoft is available on

Microsoft IT successfully performed a Unicode migration of their productive SAP ERP system in February 2007. Our SAP ERP system is on version 4.7E and had a data volume of around 2.8TB. The phase of exporting the data out of the non-Unicode system and importing the data converted to Unicode into the destination system was… Read more

What did we learn using Database Mirroring over the last two years in our SAP ERP system. Second revision

What did we learn using Database Mirroring over the last two years in our SAP ERP system. Second revision   Well, back from vacation and on travel again. In preparation for the SQL PASS conference where I had to do several presentations, I sat down with our Microsoft IT folks running our SAP landscape and… Read more

SAP DBACockpit and some related SQL Scripts (Part 3)

Well, let’s go to the last part of our series about SAP DBACockpit and associated SQL Server scripts. Actual Running Requests Another area which usually is investigated is to detect long running queries against the database. What can be from interests are questions like whether a requests is blocked in any way or experiences wait… Read more

Does SAP support the most recent SQL Server Service Packs and Hotfixes?

Out of actual reasons of having gotten 3 such questions over the last two weeks and one customer escalation, let’s go through this discussion briefly again of what the SAP Service Pack policy for SQL Server is. It also coincides with SAP overhauling the SAP OSS note which defines the SQL Server Service Packs and… Read more

Hotnews 1067103 released by SAP this week

Some very hot news today literally. SAP engineers and we from Microsoft side investigated some strange behavior on Microsoft’s own SAP ERP system over the last two weeks. The issue basically was that we saw SAP coding running into sporadic Message Type X short dump while processing an update request. After 8 days of investigation… Read more

SAP DBACockpit and some related SQL Scripts (Part 2)

Index usage In the second part we want to look at some new DMVs which for the first time also get used by SAP Database Monitor functionality. We basically will take a look at the area of DMVs we developed for tracking the usage of indexes and the particular activity indexes or B-Trees encounter   The… Read more

SAP DBACockpit and some related SQL Scripts (Part 1)

Last week SAP released a set of new Support Packages for their 7.00 Basis. This is usually not worth reporting from a database point of view. However this time you’ll see some surprising changes after Basis Support Package 12 was applied – if you managed to download it using SAP Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer (…. Read more

SAP Multi Instance Clustering

As most of folks who are busy in the SAP world know, SAP only had a very restricted amount of combinations of MSCS Cluster scenarios supported. The basic support policy of SAP was along the line: ·         As long as MSCS clustering was used for the database part only, SAP was fine with whatever configuration… Read more