Windows and SQL Server Licensing under Virtualization

Windows and SQL Server Licensing under Virtualization Since SAP more or less supported the usage of VMWare and Hyper-V as Software Virtualization layer for Windows (see SAP OSS note #674851 and ) one question came up more and more. Which is: How do I license Windows and SQL Server in typical SAP scenarios where… Read more

SAP Beta Program for SQL Server 2008 started

First of all apologies for not having posted anything for 2 months. But looking back the last 8 weeks I realized I hardly was at home or in the office. I was at Sapphire US and Europe, worked out of the SAP HQ in Germany for a week, was at an offsite for 3 days… Read more

How does Microsoft perform Backups in their SAP system landscape

This probably is one of the most asked questions we always get related to Microsoft’s SAP system landscape. Well, the second most popular question actually, after the question of how large our SAP ERP system is. Therefore let’s discuss how we solve the problem of backups in Microsoft’s SAP landscape. Different SAP systems in use… Read more

Two small experiences using SQL Server Database Snapshots in a SAP landscape

The usage of Database Snapshot of SQL Server 2005/2008 is documented to a good degree in Books Online of SQL Server 2005/2008. One also can find pretty good documentation and backgrounder on SQL Server Database Snapshots here: In our own Microsoft IT landscape we are using Database Snapshot more and more often as kind… Read more

Sporadic but periodic slow Inserts into a table – Why you should apply SQL Server 2005 SP2

Analyzing a SQL Query trace with SAP’s ST05 SQL Trace, a pattern could be observed which looks like several inserts into a specific table taking place as expected in the milliseconds range but suddenly one inserting query takes hundreds of milliseconds up to a few seconds. Afterwards inserts are back to normal millisecond times and… Read more

Proportional fill and how to check whether it works

Being on a business trip in Japan a customer described a case where they had their SAP system running on SQL Server. In their opinion they did everything right in terms of using our proportional fill features as it is described However after the last bigger archiving session where SD and FI objects of… Read more

SAP Support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008

Microsoft will release a new Windows Server product and a new SQL Server release next year. Windows Server 2008 (formerly ‘Longhorn’) should release in Q1 of CY2008 whereas SQL Server 2008 (formerly ‘Katmai’) will be released in summer CY2008. As usual pre-released versions of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 already are used intensively… Read more

WebCast on SAP ERP Unicode Migration in Microsoft is available on

Microsoft IT successfully performed a Unicode migration of their productive SAP ERP system in February 2007. Our SAP ERP system is on version 4.7E and had a data volume of around 2.8TB. The phase of exporting the data out of the non-Unicode system and importing the data converted to Unicode into the destination system was… Read more