Hotnews 1067103 released by SAP this week

Some very hot news today literally. SAP engineers and we from Microsoft side investigated some strange behavior on Microsoft’s own SAP ERP system over the last two weeks. The issue basically was that we saw SAP coding running into sporadic Message Type X short dump while processing an update request. After 8 days of investigation… Read more

SAP DBACockpit and some related SQL Scripts (Part 2)

Index usage In the second part we want to look at some new DMVs which for the first time also get used by SAP Database Monitor functionality. We basically will take a look at the area of DMVs we developed for tracking the usage of indexes and the particular activity indexes or B-Trees encounter   The… Read more

SAP DBACockpit and some related SQL Scripts (Part 1)

Last week SAP released a set of new Support Packages for their 7.00 Basis. This is usually not worth reporting from a database point of view. However this time you’ll see some surprising changes after Basis Support Package 12 was applied – if you managed to download it using SAP Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer (…. Read more

SAP Multi Instance Clustering

As most of folks who are busy in the SAP world know, SAP only had a very restricted amount of combinations of MSCS Cluster scenarios supported. The basic support policy of SAP was along the line: ·         As long as MSCS clustering was used for the database part only, SAP was fine with whatever configuration… Read more

SAP Application leveraging SQL Server Automatic Update Statistics

Hi folks, new Blog, new author. The Blog itself should give information about running SAP applications on SQL Server. It will not only be me, Juergen, alone contributing to the Blog. We also will have colleagues of mine contributing who either work in our IT Department running a SAP landscape on SQL Server and other… Read more