Auditing – audit all except the SAPService

As the SAP database is one of most important assets you have, it makes sense to monitor any access to the database, that is not driven by the SAP System itself. You can do this by setting up an extended event session, that monitors all accesses, except these from the SAPService<SID> and SYSTEM account.  Normally… Read more

How to slowdown a SQL Server Database Backup

Yes, you read correctly. We are not talking about accelerating a SQL Server database backup. In our customer case we encountered the challenge to slow down the full database backup execution of a SQL Server database underneath the customer’s SAP ERP system. How did we get into this situation? In short the story reads: We… Read more

SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Editions

Version 2.0. Please note additional comment in the section: ‘How do we change between different releases’ In this blog we want to shed some light into a topic that can develop into some confusion and which at the end might also cause some performance issues with customers running SQL Server 2012 with their SAP Netweaver… Read more

Virtualization – Overcommitting memory and how to detect it within the VM

Lately our SAP colleague Leslie Moser and myself got involved in a support case where a company had severe problems to keep their website up and running for days and weeks. When analyzing the outages, SAP Support found that the VM which ran SQL Server had on two occasions completely hung and the VM had… Read more

SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn – Part 12 – Performance Aspects and Performance Monitoring II

[Edit] You can find the summary of the complete series here. Moving to synchronous availability mode One thing we are not measuring in our tests with asynchronous availability mode is the impact of latency to transport the changes over to the secondary replicas. Looking in an earlier blog where we described the principle mechanisms of… Read more

SAP High Availability in virtualized Environments running on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Part 1: Overview

  This is the first publication starting a series of blogs about High Availability of SAP NetWeaver in virtualized environments running on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.   Part 1 gives an introduction and a brief overview (see attached document): – Introduction– Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V– Basic WS2012 Hyper-V HA Scenarios   1. Partial       : virtualizing application servers / dialog… Read more

SAP on SQL General Update for Customers & Partners January 2013

SAP and Microsoft are continuously adding new features and functionalities to the SAP on SQL Server platform. The key objective of the SAP on Windows SQL port is to deliver the best performance and availability at the lowest TCO. This blog includes updates, fixes, enhancements and best practice recommendations collated over recent months. 1.        New… Read more

Data distribution and SQL Plans

For customers of SAP (and others) it is very important that the runtime of the different reports or programs is predictable, fast and stable. From time to time it happens that former fast query executions deteriorate in their runtime and need much more time than before. For most of the customers it is totally unclear… Read more