Changes to automatic update statistics in SQL Server – traceflag 2371

When SQL Server introduced automatic update statistics with SQL Server 7.0 in 1998, the basic design was to keep track of the number of changes to a table. When the number of changes on a table exceeded a certain percentage threshold an automatic update of the statistics would be executed. Over the next releases up… Read more

SAP Support of Windows Server 2008 R2

Since this is my first blog entry, I’ll start with a little introduction: I’m a Microsoft Employee since beginning of 2010, based at SAP headquaters in Germany. I’m working as a Software Engineer within the SAP platform team which ports SAP software to Windows and SQL Server. A team which is jointly staffed by SAP and Microsoft…. Read more

SQL Server has encountered I/O requests taking longer than 15 seconds

Most of us have seen these errors in the SQL Server error log pointing to a IO subsystem problem: 2015/06/15 12:43:01 spid8s SQL Server has encountered 1016 occurrence(s) of I/O requests taking longer than 15 seconds to complete on file [N:\ABCDATA8\ [ABCDATA8.ndf] in database [ABC] (5). The OS file handle is 0x000000000000172C.  The offset of the… Read more

How to virtualize SAP GUI using Microsoft App-V

  Update 5 Tuesday 06/25/2013       I added a new section at the end of the troubleshooting section in theattached paper. It talks about calling SAP GUI for Windows out of IE.There are two common methods to accomplish this :a, SSF – via SAP shortcut file : extension .sapb, SSD – via Structured Storage Document… Read more

Frequently Asked Questions we heard on the SAP on SQL 2008 Training course this year

Frequently Asked Questions from SAP on SQL Training During the last 12 months I have taught the official Microsoft SAP on SQL 2008 in many locations around Asia.  On each course there were a lot of excellent questions from the customers and partners attending the course. This blog will cover some of the more important… Read more

New functionality in SQL Server 2014 – Part 5 – Backup/Restore Enhancements

Another area where new functionality was added or improved is the area of backup and restore. There are two major improvements to discuss and to introduce in this Blog. Backup Encryption The first one we want to discuss is the functionality of backup encryption. With SQL Server releases so far, one had two possibilities to… Read more

Optimizing BW Query Performance

SAP BW query performance depends on many factors: hardware, database configuration, BW configuration and last but not least BW cube design and BW query design. When running a query, there are several caches involved: disk caches, database caches and the BW OLAP cache. You should keep this in mind when comparing BW query performance of… Read more

Update to the SAP on Oracle -> Windows/SQL Server OS/DB Migration FAQ

OS/DB Migration FAQ has been updated with easy instructions on how to create a Windows Export Server Previously we have published a blog containing a PDF file that has many tips and tricks for speeding up migrations from UNIX/Oracle to Windows/SQL Server. Serveral customers have provided feedback and comments.  I have included these in an… Read more

How to slowdown a SQL Server Database Backup

Yes, you read correctly. We are not talking about accelerating a SQL Server database backup. In our customer case we encountered the challenge to slow down the full database backup execution of a SQL Server database underneath the customer’s SAP ERP system. How did we get into this situation? In short the story reads: We… Read more

SAP OS/DB Migration to SQL Server–FAQ v5.0 May 2013

The FAQ document attached to this blog is the cumulative knowledge gained from hundreds of customers that have moved off UNIX/Oracle and DB2 to Windows and SQL Server in recent years.  Intel based servers provide all of the required Enterprise Features at a fraction of the cost of UNIX hardware.  SAP provide fast, safe and… Read more