Few interesting findings on HANA with MDC

Few interesting findings on HANA with MDC

I was working on HANA with MDC and had few very interesting learnings.

If you have been using non- MDC HANA databases, you may come across those scenarios. This article summarizes the issues and their resolutions.

Setup Configuration

I had following setup for SAP HANA during my testing.

  • HANA Version Installed: HANA 2 SPS1
  • Operating System: SUSE 12 SPS2
  • Hardware: HANA Large Instances in Azure

Along with the above setup, I had following SAP application layer installed:

  • SAP Application: SAP Net Weaver 7.4
  • Database Name: H11
  • Instance Number:00

The following common scenarios were tested and here it describes the fix for those issues.

  • Scenario 1: Unable to take backup from HANA Studio
  • Scenario 2: Unable to confirm snapshot from HANA Studio
  • Scenario 3: Unable to view Index server process

Please download the complete article Few-interesting-findings-on-HANA-with-MDC for more information.