Always On – Synchronize SAP login, jobs and objects

SQL Server AlwaysOn is one of the High Availability solutions available for an SAP system. It consists of two or more computers each hosting a SQL Server with a copy of the SAP database. A listener points to the actual primary copy and is used from the SAP system as the only connection point. For… Read more

The Azure Monitoring Extension for SAP on Windows – Possible Error Codes and Their Solutions

The Azure Enhanced Monitoring Extension for SAP provides configuration information and performance data of the underlying Azure infrastructure and makes it available to the SAP application. It contains built-in self-diagnostics which enables identification of the health and completeness of the infrastructure data required by SAP services and support. For details on the setup and for… Read more

Improvements of SAP (BW) System Copy

This blog has been re-published at This blog post might be outdated by now. The latest documentation regarding SQL Server Columnstore on SAP is available in For performing an r3load-based system copy of an SAP system you should use the SAP Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM). For a BW system it is mandatory to… Read more