In a changing market we now offer a broader spectrum of topics

Hello folks, given the fact that the relationship between Microsoft and SAP widened in integrations and touch points of technology, we also decided to widen the topics we are covering in this blog. As we started this blog around 10 years ago, the focus of the team that writes the blog circled around SAP using the DBMS platform of SQL Server. This was acknowledged in the link of the blog with ‘saponsqlserver’. As we formed a larger team we took on a wider spectrum than just SQL Server. We added the Windows OS, Hyper-V private cloud and renamed the title of the blog to ‘Running SAP Applications on the Microsoft Platform’. A description which reflected our work very well between 2010 and 2013. As you saw latest in the year 2014, we added Microsoft Azure as a topic because this was a topic the extended team worked on and invested a lot of time in. The work several teams in Microsoft and SAP perform around Azure in various areas, is again opening the doors to many different topics that we want to cover here as well. Some of the topics that we are going to cover would have been experienced as competitive topics to what we reported about in the last 10 years. Topics of SAP HANA running on Azure or SAP NetWeaver being able to run on Red Hat Linux in Azure VMs. But covering these topics is reflecting the many facets of our collaboration with SAP and hence should be reported about and supported with technical blogs. That is exactly what you will get in the future with more topics covered in this blog. As new topics are covered you may also see new authors coming in. We hope you have as much fun reading our articles. We can assure you, we had a lot of fun writing the articles.