SAP Now Supports Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for Windows and Linux

On 13/12 SAP updated SAP Note 1928533 (login required) to include support for SAP systems on Windows on virtual machines that are created using the Azure Resource Manager. The documentation on was updated to reflect the change. You can now use virtual machines that are created using the Azure Resource Manager for both Windows… Read more

How to install or upgrade SAP Systems to SQL Server 2016 *updated*

On 4/10/2016, SAP released support for SQL Server 2016 for some SAP NetWeaver based systems. In this blog we will talk about how you can update your existing installations on SQL Server to SQL Server 2016, what you need to do when installing a new SAP NetWeaver based system on SQL Server 2016 and what… Read more

Top 14 Updates and New Technologies for Deploying SAP on Azure

Below is a list of updates, recommendations and new technologies for customers moving SAP applications onto Azure. At the end of the blog is a checklist we recommend all customers follow with planning to deploy SAP environments on Azure. 1. High Performance & UltraPerformance Gateway The UltraPerformance Gateway has been released. This Gateway supports only… Read more

Improved SAP compression tool MSSCOMPRESS

SAP program MSSCOMPRESS is a tool for reducing disk space usage of SAP NetWeaver based systems. In addition, it is often used as a monitoring tool. MSSCOMPRESS has been released by SAP over 6 years ago. In the meanwhile, several improvements have been implemented. The latest version of MSSCOMPRESS is available as an attachment of… Read more

SAP OS/DB Migration to SQL Server–FAQ v6.1 November 2016

The FAQ document attached to this blog is the cumulative knowledge gained from hundreds of customers that have moved off UNIX/Oracle and DB2 to Windows and SQL Server in recent years. In this document a large number of recommendations, tools, tips and common errors are documented.  It is recommended to read this document before performing… Read more

Moving from SAP 2-Tier to 3-Tier configuration and performance seems worse

Lately we were involved in a case where a customer moved a SAP ERP system from a 2-Tier configuration to a 3-Tier configuration in virtualized environments. This was done because the customer virtualized the system and could not provide VMs large enough on the new host hardware to continue with a 2-Tier SAP setup. Hence… Read more

Simplified and faster SAP BW Process Chains

Based on customer feedback over the course of the last 12 months we implemented several improvements in SAP BW. The code changes improve SAP platform migrations of very large SAP BW instances from other DBMS to SQL Server significantly. Furthermore, they simplify and accelerate SAP BW process chains for very large BW systems. The most… Read more

SQL Server 2016 improvements for SAP (BW)

SAP recently released support for SQL Server 2016 for some SAP NetWeaver based systems, see SQL Server 2016 contains many new features which can be used by SAP. For SAP BW, particularly the improved columnstore features are relevant. An overview of SQL Server Columnstore in SQL Server 2014 is published here: The most… Read more

Where can I find documentation or information for ….?

Version 2.0: Updated 11/20/2017 – Adding SBOP BI Platform 4.2 supported Azure Data Services, adjusting links to new documentation location and adding Hybris. Analyzing incoming SAP support messages around Azure, we realized that a lot of the messages were centered around asking for information and pointers to documentation. So we decided to take a first… Read more

In a changing market we now offer a broader spectrum of topics

Hello folks, given the fact that the relationship between Microsoft and SAP widened in integrations and touch points of technology, we also decided to widen the topics we are covering in this blog. As we started this blog around 10 years ago, the focus of the team that writes the blog circled around SAP using… Read more