SQL Server Column-Store for SAP BW: Status and Release Planning

Today SAP released SAP note 2114876 – Release Planning SAP BW for SQL Server Column-Store:


SAP’s general Test, Evaluation and Assessment (TEA) program

SQL Server 2014 has been released by Microsoft and will be generally released by SAP soon. SAP customers can already use SQL Server 2014 in their SAP NetWeaver based systems when joining SAP’s general Test, Evaluation and Assessment (TEA) program. The procedure is described in detail in SAP note 1966681 – Release planning for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Once a customer has joined the TEA (or once SQL Server 2014 has been generally released by SAP), customers can use SQL Server 2014 for the same database features and functionality that was available in the recent previous SQL Server releases.

The new Writeable Clustered Column-store Index of SQL Server 2014 cannot be used out of the box. This is new functionality, which requires additional SAP code. The new code will be delivered in the next wave of SAP Support Package Stacks (SPS). Alternatively you can use a recent SAP SPS and install the necessary SAP correction instructions contained in SAP notes 1949486 and 2029797 (See details below).

SAP notes 1949486 and 2029797 are not released yet. The plan is to release them a few weeks after SAP has generally released SQL Server 2014. If you want to use the writeable column-store earlier, then you have to proceed as follows:

  • Join SAP’s SQL Server 2014 TEA program or wait until SQL Server 2014 is finally released by SAP
  • Afterwards open a support message in component BC-DB-MSS asking for a pilot release of the required SAP notes
  • The pilot release will be granted by SAP for a few customers only
  • Once you have the pilot release of the note, you can install the note and use the writeable column-store. SAP will then support the writeable column-store for TEA customers until the notes are generally released

Column-Store Scenarios

You can run different scenarios with SQL Server column-store (CS) in SAP BW:

  1. Read-only CS
  • CS for Aggregates
  • Writeable CS
  • Flat Cube
  • NetWeaver SPS waves

    SQL Server 2012 and 2014 column-store support has been (and will be) delivered in waves of equivalent SAP SPSs. The following waves currently exist:

      7.00 7.01 * 7.02 * 7.11 * 7.30 7.31 * 7.40
    Wave 1 SPS 27 ** SPS 12 SPS 12 SPS 10 SPS 8 SPS 5 SPS 5 ***
    Wave 2 SPS 30 ** SPS 15 SPS 15 SPS 13 SPS 11 SPS 11 SPS 6 ***
    Wave 3 SPS 31 ** SPS 16 SPS 16 SPS 14 SPS 12 SPS 12 SPS 7 ***
    Wave 4 SPS 32 ** SPS 17 SPS 17 SPS 14 SPS 13 SPS 15 SPS 10
    * NetWeaver version. For example, 7.01 means: NetWeaver 7.0 EHP 1
    ** In NetWeaver 7.00 the number of the SAP BW SP is always 2 higher than the number of the SPS: For example, NetWeaver SPS 27 contains SAP_BASIS SP 27, but SAP_BW SP 29
    *** however, for 7.40 SPS 7 or SPS 8 is highly recommended


    Required code for each scenario

    Several improvements have been implemented in SAP BW for SQL Server in the last three years, for example usage of parallel queries and index creation, improved performance of BW cube compression and report MSSCSTORE. Therefore we recommend installing the newest SAP SPS, whether you are using the column-store or the row-store. The following list contains the minimum required SAP SPS for using a particular column-store scenario. Any newer SPS also contains the required functionality, but may contain additional improvements.

      Delivered in Oldest possible SPS complemented by SAP notes
    Read-only CS Wave 2 Wave 1 + SAP Note 1771177
    CS for Aggregates Wave 3 Wave 1 + SAP Notes 1771177, 1951490, 1990050
    Writeable CS Wave 4 * Wave 2 + SAP Notes 1951490 ***, 1949486 ****
    Flat Cube 7.40 SPS 10 ** 7.40 SP8 + SAP Note 2029797 ***
    * SAP note 1949486 may also contain fixes for wave 3 in the future
    ** SAP note 2029797 may also contain fixes for NetWeaver 7.40 SP10 in the future
    *** To avoid issues with transaction SNOTE, we recommend installing SAP Note 1951490 before installing SAP Note 1949486
    **** SAP notes 1949486 and 2029797 are not released yet. See above


    For SQL Server we always recommend installing the newest Service Pack. You can download the latest SQL Server patches from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlserver/ff803383.aspx.The minimum required SQL Server versions for using the column-store are:

    • Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) of SQL Server 2012
    • Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) of SQL Server 2014