SQL Agent Jobs in an AlwaysOn / Mirroring Environment

Running SQL Agent Jobs in an AlwaysOn or Database Mirroring environment can be a challenge, as the database might be not accessible at the time when the job starts. This is especially the case for all SAP collector and backup jobs. On the other hand there might be jobs that should not run on primary… Read more

Protecting SAP Solutions with Azure Site Recovery

We have released a new whitepaper detailing how to build a DR solution for SAP systems based on Azure Site Recovery Services.  Building a Disaster Recovery Solution for SAP Based on Microsoft Azure is a step-by-step procedure that allows customers with a basic level of knowledge on Azure Site Recovery to implement an end-to-end DR… Read more

Setup of WSFC with Azure Virtual Machines and SIOS Datakeeper using Azure Powershell

  Introduction This blog post is a complement to the Azure blog article published recently about the same topic : http://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/11/11/high-availability-for-a-file-share-using-wsfc-ilb-and-3rd-party-software-sios-datakeeper/ The setup can also be used to provide HA for the SAP (A)SCS instance. The corresponding paper is in progress and will be published in the near future.   To do all the basic… Read more

More Azure VMs supported by SAP now

Version 2.0: Corrected wrong data in first table As of October 27th, SAP and Microsoft have extended the support for further Azure Virtual Machine (VM) types for SAP NetWeaver based products. In May 2014, when Azure was first certified and supported as a platform for SAP NetWeaver based products, only the A5 VM type of… Read more

Message misaligned log IOs which required falling back to synchronous IO in SQL Server Error Log

Summary Disk Manufacturers introduced a new specification for disk storage formats in 2011.  The new specification increases the size of the disk sectors.  Some flash based devices like Fusion-io and new large capacity disks such as 4TB SATA disks are commonly using Native 4K format.  The new disk format can lead to warnings in the… Read more

Client Aware Parameter for Multiple Clients has been Defaulted to Enabled

Summary Customers running SAP systems with multiple clients may intermittently observe slow performance on some queries.  Sometimes the same query will run very quickly and sometimes the query will be very slow.  This problem is most likely to occur on systems with one very large client containing most of the data in the SAP system… Read more

Azure Extended monitoring for SAP

As mentioned in the former blog, we are collecting some feedback from customers and different other sources about deployments of SAP instances on Azure. Another tendency is emerging. It is very important to deploy the Azure Monitoring Extension for SAP. This extension was developed to enable SAP to collect important performance counters and display those… Read more

SAP GUI connection closed when connecting to SAP system in Azure

Following the successful release of SAP on Azure we have received feedback from customers and our support organizations about an issue that occurs only on one particular deployment pattern. In all the cases the deployment of the SAP NetWeaver based application was in a so called Azure-Only (please read the documentation here if the term… Read more

SAP Notes around Azure released

Yesterday SAP released SAP Notes around Azure as IaaS platform for SAP software. With the release of these SAP Notes SAP officially supports Azure as a platform for production systems with a combination of SAP products, Operating Systems and DBMS systems. Let’s go through the information briefly and comment on it. First SAP Note to… Read more

Azure as platform supported by SAP soon

Yesterday Microsoft and SAP announced, besides other areas of cooperation, the fact that the Microsoft Azure platform is going to be supported as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform for SAP NetWeaver based applications. The press release covering this subject can be read here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/press/2014/may14/05-19microsoftsappr.aspx . Azure as IaaS platform is leveraging services by Azure… Read more