SAP Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure -> Survey and Customer samples




this is an experiment which I didn’t try yet via this blog. So let’s see if/how it works. Here is the idea behind it :

1. a better understanding of customer environments helps to set the right priorities
2. sharing SAP infrastructure architecture information should be useful for the whole community
3. therefore I had the idea to come up with a simple survey about SAP cloud / virtualization infrastructure
4. to avoid promoting certain products I just created general questions ( e.g. HA on VM level only ? )
5. in case a critical mass of people will answer the survey ( > 50 ) I will publish the results in this blog
6. depending on the amount of responses I will update the published results on a monthly basis

It’s anonymous. I am just interested in the region where a customer is based. Because for certain topics
I would expect regional statistically significant differences ( sure – only works out again if there are
enough responses ).

In addition I would like to add real customer sample architectures to the blog. This is of course only
possible if there are customers out there who would be willing to do this. It can be anonymous too.
I think it would be useful for the whole SAP-Microsoft community to share this kind of information.

For those who might be interested in sharing SAP infrastructure architecture Information just contact
me directly :

And here is the survey. Well – I divided it into four surveys. You can answer only one of them or all
of them – whatever you like. It’s based on simple checkboxes. Shouldn’t take very long :



SAP virtualization on-premise



SAP high availability and disaster recovery solution in virtualized environments

SAP hosting / outsourcing


SAP on public cloud