SAP enhanced monitoring on Hyper-V

Why “enhanced monitoring” ?   SAP developed a very comprehensive and sophisticated monitoring framework over the years to monitor SAP, OS, Database and the hardware infrastructure. All the numbers and output can be seen via the SAP GUI using certain transactions ( e.g. OS07, ST06 ).With virtualization a new challenge arose. Let’s take root cause… Read more

Auto Update Statistics Async in SAP NetWeaver

The cost based query optimizer of SQL Server relies on actual index and column statistics. SAP strongly recommends setting the database options AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS and AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS. As a result, statistics are automatically maintained. We recently described the details in the following BLOG: Benefits of AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS_ASYNC for SAP ERP SAP ERP and almost all other SAP… Read more

Network Settings, Network Teaming, Receive Side Scaling (RSS) & Unbalanced CPU Load

Modern powerful SAP application servers running multiple application servers can generate large amount of network traffic and can saturate a 1 Gigabit connection easily.  Unless the network connections are correctly configured network can be a severe bottleneck. All customers small, medium & large are strongly recommended to standardize on 10 Gigabit Network Technology for all… Read more