SAP Tools for MS SQL Server now part of SWPM

The SAP Tools for MS SQL Server (STM) used to be a separate download from the msplatforms space on the SAP Software Marketplace.

For more information about the STM, see SAP Note 683447 (Login required)

With the recent release of the SAP Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM), the STM are now part of the Generic Installation Options of SWPM. See SAP Note 1680045 (Login required)

The SWPM itself is part of the SL Toolset and is updated regularly. Always download the latest version of SWPM. I will publish a separate blog about the SWPM shortly.

You can download the SWPM 1.0 from the SAP Software Marketplace:

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The options that used to be part of the STM Tools are now at:

  • Generic Installation Options
    • MS SQL Server
      • Database Tools



Schema Conversion

The Schema Conversion option converts a dbo schema to a <sid> schema. It is needed for MCOD (Multiple components – one database) systems or if you want to install a Java Add-In

Database Upgrade Completion

The Database Upgrade Completion option must be run after you upgraded the database of your SAP system to update the stored procedures of your database.

Database Copy Completion

The Database Copy Completion options is part of the System Copy procedure for ABAP systems that are based in SAP NetWeaver 6.40 or lower or ABAP+JAVA systems that are based on SAP NetWeaver 6.40 or lower.

For more information about the available options, read SAP Note 683447 (Login required)