Secondary Index Compression and Page compression supported by SAP

Today OSS notes # 1488135 and #1459005 was released by SAP. The first note explains SQL Server compression in general and how secondary index compression and page compression is used. The OSS note also has a new ABAP report MSSCOMPRESS attached which can be used to compress tables and indexes. One of the design criteria for secondary index compression was to have the same type of compression on the secondary indexes and the primary clustered indexes (that holds the data). OSS note 1459005 includes the correction instructions with all the changes necessary in SAP Basis to support secondary index compression. Therefore applying these corrections or moving to the Basis Support Package levels which are mentioned in the OSS note is a mandatory prerequisite before starting with secondary index compression and page compression

The minimum version of SAP Basis has to be Netweaver 7.00.

We’ll present more about the new report MSSCOMPRESS on this blog over the next weeks.


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