SAP BW 7 and SQL Server 2008 Star Join Optimization

    Table of contents : 1. Intro 2. Sample query using SQL Server 2005 3. Sample query with star join optimization using SQL Server 2008 R2 4. like 3. but with row compression 5. Sample query with non-optimized bitmaps using SQL Server 2008 R2 6. Could a query with star join optimization be slower… Read more

SAP Support of Windows Server 2008 R2

Since this is my first blog entry, I’ll start with a little introduction: I’m a Microsoft Employee since beginning of 2010, based at SAP headquaters in Germany. I’m working as a Software Engineer within the SAP platform team which ports SAP software to Windows and SQL Server. A team which is jointly staffed by SAP and Microsoft…. Read more

Column Statistics – No need to create them manually

Lately we stumbled over a few customers which showed us some funny list of indexes, when using ‘Single Table Analysis’. What looked like masses of single column indexes at the end figured out to be custom generated column statistics. Instead of showing up in the lower part of the screen which shows a list of… Read more

SSRS 2008 R2 – a new way of MS BI integration with SAP BW and non-SAP data sources

  1. the issue In customer scenarios with the requirement to integrate data out of SAP BW with some non-SAP data sources people usually recommended to first consolidate and load everything into a single system ( either SAP BW or SQL Server/SSAS ). Any kind of reporting or data analysis would then go against SAP… Read more

Compressing an SAP database using report MSSCOMPRESS

SAP released the report MSSCOMPRESS in SAP note 1488135. The report can be used to compress existing tables and indexes using the data compression feature of SQL Server 2008 (and all newer releases). You can choose between the compression type NONE, ROW or PAGE for the data (heap or clustered index) and the (non-clustered) indexes…. Read more

Some interesting Blog Entries in the Blog site of our Microsoft LOB Practice team

In Microsoft we founded a LOB Practice team a few years back. The first focus of the team was SAP. Hence we hired industry talent out of the SAP space to build the team. People who were running SAP Basis teams or who worked as Enterprise Platform architects in SAP customers or partners of SAP joined Microsoft… Read more

Partitioning Large NUMA Based Servers into Smaller SAP VMs – Question from Jason

Partitioning Large NUMA Based Servers into Small VMs – Question from Jason The idea of using a large 4 Processor or 8 Processor server and then dividing this in smaller VM is not recommended both from a cost and performance point of view. This comment is specific to SAP application servers due to the rather… Read more

Windows 2008 R2 – Groups, Processors, Sockets, Cores Threads, NUMA nodes what is all this?

Windows 2008 R2 – Groups, Processors, Sockets, Cores Threads, NUMA nodes what is all this? Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) technologies have progressed extremely rapidly in the last 10 years.  Both Intel and AMD based systems are dramatically different than even just 5-6 years ago.  Ten years ago servers usually had either 2 or 4 physical… Read more