Procedure used for applying Database Compression to Microsoft SAP ERP system

As promised, we are publishing the stored procedure used to compress Microsoft’s SAP ERP system in this location. This procedure is not the only way getting SQL Server 2008 database compression applied. The easiest one to use is the tool SAP provides as an attachment to OSS note #991014. It imports an additional report which… Read more

Analyzing a HANGMAN log file, part 2

The SAP and Windows specific sections of a HANGMAN log file have already been explained in a previous blog entry. Today we want to have a look on the SQL Server specific sections. For the explanation I will use the new terms session/connection/request introduced in SQL Server 2005. However, you may still see the old… Read more

Update on Rollout of SQL Server 2008 Row Level Compression in Microsoft’s SAP ERP system

Well meanwhile the Roll-Out is as good as finished. The only tables remaining are some tables with BLOB fields which can’t be done ’online’. Those tables will be done in our quarterly downtime where we need to apply a whole stack of new SAP Support Packages, exchange to more recent SAP executables, etc. But all… Read more

Analyzing a HANGMAN log file, part 1

The HANGMAN log file, created with the HANGMAN tool described in SAP note 948633 gives us a better understanding about the root cause of a system hang or hiccup of an SAP system. The log file consists of several sections: SAP process list per instance, Windows process list per server, SQL process list, database locks… Read more

SQL Server SPs, CUs and hotfixes for SAP

The first cumulative update package (CU1) of SQL Server 2008 was released last week. You can download it from SAP will not support SQL 2008 RTM – at least CU1 has to be installed. [April 2009: in the meanwhile CU2 is the minimum supported version by SAP] The SQL Server DVD from SAP will… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Row Level Compression Roll-Out in Microsoft’s SAP ERP system

Lately a lot of questions came up around what our different compression types in SQL Server 2008 would achieve in reduction of database volume. In this article and some following articles we would like to answer this question as well as the question on how to get an existing database to use SQL Server 2008… Read more

New Contributor to the blog “SAP on SQL Server”

I’m happy that I was able to win Martin Merdes as a contributor to this Blog. Martin is a Microsoft PFE (Premier Field Engineering) engineer working in the SAP/SQL porting group at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He is the most senior member of our team of PFE engineers with more than 12 years experience in… Read more

New version of HANGMAN.VBS and revised documentation released

We recently released a new version of HANGMAN.VBS and published it in SAP note 948633, see attachment below. HANGMAN is not a game. It is a tool to analyze any kind of hanging situations of SAP systems running on SQL Server. It has been used to analyze many issues within the last years. HANGMAN is… Read more

New and revised SAP OSS notes released

Last week we released a new OSS note regarding a new feature of SQL Server 2008 which so far is hardly known. Additionally we updated a well known OSS note to SQL Server 2008 and the fact that SAP is using the Microsoft JDBC driver theses days The new OSS note #1238993 Proportional File Autogrowth… Read more

Server running out of memory when copying backup files to other server

One of the common scenarios in the SAP space today is to perform a backup to local disks and then have an agent of a centralized backup infrastructure pick up the backup files and copy those to the backup infrastructure. No problem with that. However having full database backups on the productive database server also… Read more