Hotnews 1067103 released by SAP this week

Some very hot news today literally. SAP engineers and we from Microsoft side investigated some strange behavior on Microsoft’s own SAP ERP system over the last two weeks. The issue basically was that we saw SAP coding running into sporadic Message Type X short dump while processing an update request. After 8 days of investigation we basically identified a code change in SQL Server 2005 SNAC (client side SQL Server library containing the programming interfaces) which got introduced between SP1 and SP2 of SNAC. The code change causes a change of the transactional behavior on a connection under some fortunately rare circumstances, without notifying the SAP application. Therefore it is highly recommended for all SAP customers running on SQL Server 2005 SP2 to read SAP OSS note #1067103 and to act by patching the SAP Database Library (DBSL) to the patch levels indicated in this OSS note. Microsoft also is working on a hotfix for this issue. I will post news as soon as the hotfix is available