Windows8 Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

I hope everyone of you have installed Windows8 on at least one of your machines by now. With the change in Design and Architecture, you will need to Keyboard Shortcuts to perform many tasks that you are used to with the Classic Start button OR Old versions of Windows. To ease some of these frequent…


How to launch a process with CPU affinity set

I was trying to get this internet explorer process launched so that it can use only 4 processors on a 8 core machine. It wasnt as easy as I thought initially. Finally I figured out an easy way and I am sure it will save a lot of time for others who require to do this….


How to prevent IIS 6.0 from revealing internal address

I have come across an interesting issue where the internal ip address is revealed when using OPENSSL and HTTP 1.0. However if we use HTTP 1.1 then IIS does not reveal the address. Here is what happens when I use the OPENSSL openssl s_client -connect 10.x.y.z:443 GET /Test<head><title>Document Moved</title></head><body><h1>Object Moved</h1>This document may be found <a…


HowTo: WinInet ETW logging (Analytic Logging)

  Here is a HowTo on Collecting WinInet Tracing on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server and Windows Server 2008 R2. If you require to collect this log, you can enable this log just before the issue and disable soon after the repro, that will provide more information. Here are the screenshots for enabling…


HowTo: netTcpBinding on IIS and things to remember

  Configuring netTcpBinding on IIS requires IIS7. You can refer the article for more information on platform dependencies. Requirements to get netTcpBinding on IIS7 work.   Make sure the following service in the services snap-in are started Here is the configuration on the IIS –> Website –> Site Bindings We need to add a net.tcp…


WCF: wsHttpBinding with Windows Authentication.

How to configure wsHttpBinding with Windows Authentication:   Here is a simple service configured on IIS with windows authentication. When using wsHttpBinding, the security mode must be “Transport” for Windows Authentication on IIS to be used. Also the website needs to have a server certificate configured.   If you use any other security mode you…


SSL Redirection using ASP.NET

You require ASP.Net configured on IIS to use this solution.   Here is how you can implement this solution.   1)      Create a new Virtual Directory “SSLRedirect” and point this to a new physical folder which is independent of your Website Content 2)      Created 2 Files in this. 1. Global.asax and 2. Default.aspx 3)      Here…