Indeo Codec & XP SP2

Do you have an AVI file encoded with Indeo codec that stopped displaying video when accessed from a share when your client is XP SP2? That’s because XP SP2 blocked the content because of a security problem with the codec. If you should access the content from the share, your best bet would be to…


Account Protection, Baby!

So, here I am calling up my credit card company to have my address changed (well, I tried online, and failed to login for some reason). After changing the address, she goes: “do you want to add account protection to your card?”Me: “Yes, most definitely.”She: “That will be $12.50 per month charged on your card.”Me:…


Calling C++ Unmanaged Class from C#

This may be a no-brainer, but I thought I’d post it anyway. If you have a C++ class in an unmanaged dll what is the best way to call it from C#? 1. You need to wrap the C++ class in a COM object or expose the class through dll exports. Managed code can call…


P/Invoke: Should it be this hard?

Obviously, no! We are trying everything we can to make it less painful for the developers. Most of the time, the hard question is whether or not the P/Invoke signature is accurate. Now that we have a sample that shows P/Invoke signature for methods declared in Windows.h, it’s just a start. You can also find…


Hard to Find a Technical Resource? Think About Microsoft Developer Support!

I often see questions like this in various forums: We are about start the coding phase of our project. We would like to validate our architecture against someone with expertise in DCOM/Remoting/–Add your technology here–. We probably need a week or two of someone’s time to provide a sanity check before we start our work….


DCOM: Is there a way to get the IP of the DCOM client from the DCOM server?

Another FAQ. Short answer: may be. Shorter answer: no. To be honest: no supported way. CoQueryClientBlanket() will give “some information”, such as the user name and domain name, but unfortunately, there is no way of obtaining the client machine name or IP address from a DCOM application. This is because there is no way to…


Post your Remoting questions in microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.remoting

As I look through the feedback for my post, I thought it may be a good idea that I propose this: feel free to post your Remoting related questions in microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.remoting newsgroup. The newsgroup is pretty active with some MS guys and a couple of MVPs regularly answering queries. It is easy to configure Outlook…


Error: The type is not supported because it implements IDictionary.

Ferris Beuller asked me in response to my previous post: Why can the serializer not serialize types that implement IDictionary? SortedList in types cannot be serialized, you get an InvalidOperationException with the innerexception of {“The type System.Collections.SortedList is not supported because it implements IDictionary.”} The serializer should be able to serialize any type as long…


So, What’s the Deal with SerializationException in Remoting & TypeFilterLevel?

Applications that used to work well in Framework 1.0 give System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException when run under Framework 1.1. The exception has this format: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Because of security restrictions, the type (type name) cannot be accessed. —> System.Security.SecurityException: Request failed. This issue is documened at (Secure Serialization in .NET Remoting – Backwards Breaking Changes from version 1.0…


About Me: Santhosh Pillai

My Name is Santhosh Pillai. I am a Technical Lead in the Microsoft Developer Support Organization. Till recently I used to support OLE, COM, DCOM, .NET Remoting, and COM Interop technologies. I am moving to Multimedia support soon, but most of the posts I am planning to put here will be on the technologies I…