Availability, Scalability and DR for BizTalk Server

Recently, I had to talk to a customer of mine explaining setting up of optimal BizTalk infrastructure. It was almost a 101 conversation regarding BizTalk Availability, Scalability and Disaster Recovery. That’s when I realized that there is not really a unified a concise view of these concepts anywhere on the Internet. Here a stab that…


Synchronizing machine time with domain controller

Sometimes when joining a machine to a new domain, you might get an error saying “The time on your machine does not match with the network time”. On getting this error while logging in, the machine will not allow you to log in to the domain. I just got this error today when setting up…


My new articles published

Since my last post regarding my articles, there have been a couple of things that I was working with. Here are some things that have been published since then.   1. Biztalk Server – Business Value http://www.pcquest.com/content/enterprise/2006/106060807.asp   2. Fighting Call Center Blues with CCF http://www.pcquest.com/content/enterprise/2006/106071603.asp   3. Biztalk 2004 Business Rules (This is an…


Virtual PC goes free!

Since its inception, the Virtualization has definitely been a fantastic stuff for the Dev Community. Nothing better than the fact that it allows you to separate out your environments without any extra hardware cost :). Brilliant isn’t it? I myself use quite a lot of virtual PCs for all the technologies that I work on….


Links to my other writings

Off late, I have been quite active in writing for various publications including the Developer.com, Devx.com and the PC Quest magazine (India). Following are just a few links of all my articles that have made it online – 1. Message Transformations in Biztalk ServerThats the first Biztalk article that I had published. It revolves entirely…