I am Alive

Well, just if some of you are wondering about what happened to the mere insignificant mortal who used to vent his rants in this space, let me tell you, I am still very much alive and kicking. Yeah I haven’t been really active writing the stuff that I used to. But then there were a lot…


My new articles published

Since my last post regarding my articles, there have been a couple of things that I was working with. Here are some things that have been published since then.   1. Biztalk Server – Business Value http://www.pcquest.com/content/enterprise/2006/106060807.asp   2. Fighting Call Center Blues with CCF http://www.pcquest.com/content/enterprise/2006/106071603.asp   3. Biztalk 2004 Business Rules (This is an…


Introducing CCF

Recently, I had published an article regarding CCF with PC Quest (an IT magazine in India). The primary objective of this being introducing the technology to the readers and figuring out how it fits into the call centers business context. This was published in the July 06 issue of PC Quest and is now available…


Changed my "skin"

Yeah, I changed the skin of my blog Reason?  simple enough!The earlier one just dint show up all the blogs that I linked to. Hope you guys like it and just keep coming 🙂 –Sanket


The blue badge!

    A month with MS now and I am sure it was never this good ! I joined MS Global Service as a Consultant over 3-4 weeks ago in mid of March and started sporting a blud badge. Life has been pretty much very hectic.. so much that I dint even get time to write a…