Wanna learn .Net? Enroll today in the .Net University

Yes, its there now. Learning .Net just as a curriculum. The .Net Univerisity provides online courses, labs to try some hands on  & presentations. Feel free to download and study at your own pace. Or you can even become a student by enrolling for trainings. Each lecture is 75 mins and each lab is 30…


XBox 360 to be launched in India in Sept 06

For all you gaming freaks, Microsoft has announced that the XBOX 360 will be available in India from 23rd of Setp 06. Cant wait to lay my hands on one 🙂   Enjoy.

Vista Release Candidate is done

The Vista Release Candidate is finally there. If you are a TechBeta or a TAP participant, you can hook on to the cool new OS. MSDN and Technet subscribers gotta wait a bit. Keep a watch on the Vista blog here for the updates. Wanna know more about Vista? Just hook on to – http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista   Enjoy!


Microsoft to speak the language of the Ancient Sun Worshippers

In a recent update, Microsoft announced that it will have it’s version of windows in the Incan language. To give it a background, as the wikipedia puts it – The Incan empire was the largest empire in the Pre-Columbian America and one of the largest empires at the time of its collapse. It rose in the…

NotforNoobs.com = Microsoft Habu

There was this lot of curiosity and speculations going around the notfornoobs website. The site just gave a flash teaser where they showed Microsoft logo on some old TV box that was not even getting good transmission. Once the teaser was done, it just redirected to a page to say that they will let us…

Expirience the images with Photosynth!

Its been quite a lot of times that I’ve been to a certain place, really liked it and tried to photograph it or capture it as much as I can. Objective – obviously to retrieve an image that would represent its complete view whenever I think of looking at it again. Well, I am sure…

MSDN Mag Subscriptions for free

For all those guys have a premium access to the MSDN content, here is something more to cheer up for. You can now get the MSDN Magazines subscriptions – not for a discounted rate but for FREE :). All you need to do is simply sign up for it @ http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions Goto “My MSDN Subscription”,…

Virtual PC goes free!

Since its inception, the Virtualization has definitely been a fantastic stuff for the Dev Community. Nothing better than the fact that it allows you to separate out your environments without any extra hardware cost :). Brilliant isn’t it? I myself use quite a lot of virtual PCs for all the technologies that I work on….

Commerce Server 2007 shipped

The Commerce Server 2007 has shipped last week and is available. The web site is updated and all the latest content is now available publicly. All those interested folks can download the evaluation copy from – http://www.microsoft.com/commerceserver/default.mspx –Sanket  

Winfx now becomes .Net 3.0

The most talked about platform – the Winfx that encompassed the major breakthroughs including the Communication Foundation, Presentation Foundation and the Workflow Foundation has now been renamed to .Net 3.0. Much unlike the Vista story, this remains a change ONLY in the name. So Winfx buddies can obviously be relaxed as it does not change…