Commerce Server Bloggers from MS Global Services

Amit Agrawal & Sathish CG, the Commerce experts from MGSI, have recently started blogging. Now, you can find them posting some cool Commerce Server related stuff on their blogs. Amit Agrawal – Sathish CG –   –Sanket

Resolving "Unknown Errors" when working with Commerce Server Profile Adapter

Most of the times, when you encounter an error interacting with Commerce Server Profiles Adapter, the Adapter will give you back an error with a proper description of what might’ve went wrong. However, there are certain cases when the adapter simply emits a warning in the event log that mentions about an error with “Unknown…

Associating Multiple Credit Cards when creating Commerce Server Profile using the Commerce Server Profile Adapter for BizTalk

When dealing with Commerce Server integration with BizTalk 2006, one of the requirements that I faced was to create multiple credit cards for a single profile and then link all those credit cards to that profile. To achieve this, is a two step process. The first step involves creating the actual credit cards on the…


Correction: "Updates Overwrite" property of Commerce Server Profiles Adapter

A couple of days ago, I had blogged here about an error on the Commerce Server Profiles adapter. When trying out an update to the Profile, the Commerce Server Adapter returns back the following error message – <?xml version=”1.0″?> <CommerceServerProfilesUpdateResponse> <InvalidProfileUpdateMessage> The message body received by the send adapter is not valid for the CommerceServerProfilesUpdate…


Solving the error when updating Commerce Server using the Profile Adapter

When dealing with Commerce Server Adapters for BizTalk, you might face an issue where the Profile Adapter returns this message on update – <?xml version=”1.0″?> <CommerceServerProfilesUpdateResponse> <InvalidProfileUpdateMessage> The message body received by the send adapter is not valid for the CommerceServerProfilesUpdate API call. Message ID: 529029a6-5954-4446-bdd3-a5b4c5051cbb. Detail: There has been an optimistic locking conflict. The object could…


Commerce Server 2007 shipped

The Commerce Server 2007 has shipped last week and is available. The web site is updated and all the latest content is now available publicly. All those interested folks can download the evaluation copy from – –Sanket  

Commerce Server 2006 (Oops 2007) RC0 Released

The Commerce Server 2007 RC 0 has released last week. The product has been enhanced a lot from its predecessor – 2002. Yeah, I can see those raised eyebrows. Well the original name of the product has been changed from 2006 to 2007 not because it is going to be delayed. The product is definitely…