Hotfix for assembly reference issues with BizTalk Projects in Visual Studio 2009

When working with a BizTalk solution, I ran into these issues a lot of times.

  • The orchestrations in the referenced BizTalk project may show compiler warnings.
  • The changes that are made to the referenced BizTalk project are not propagated on to the referencing project.
  • When you edit the orchestrations of the referenced project, XLANG errors are thrown. These errors may disappear after the orchestrations are saved and recompiled.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, the local copies of the referenced project’s binaries are deleted.
  • After you deploy the referencing project, various errors or warnings occur in Orchestration Designer.

A colleague then metioned about this hotfix - KB 97748. After installing this, the references do work like a charm.



Comments (2)

  1. Akshay Shaha says:

    Thanks Bhai… really saved many hrs…. 🙂

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