India to introduce Mobile Number Portability

In a landmark decision for the Indian telecom industry, the Department of Telecom has decided to introduce wireless Number Portability in India. It will be definitely interesting to see how this decision shapes the telecom landscape in India. For more about Number Portability, refer to my previous post here.


Understanding window handling of IE Modal Dialogs

One of the things that I was working on in last couple of months was to do with Internet Explorer. One of the things was to explore what are the different ways in which I can host a web page within my windows app. But still interesting was the part that followed – how do…


I am Alive

Well, just if some of you are wondering about what happened to the mere insignificant mortal who used to vent his rants in this space, let me tell you, I am still very much alive and kicking. Yeah I haven’t been really active writing the stuff that I used to. But then there were a lot…


Consuming webservices from within BizTalk

BizTalk 2006 allows some really good interacting with webservices. If it is a simple webservice, we can very well consume it by adding a reference to it and then consuming it using the orchestrations. Here are some interesting scenarios that I encountered when dealing with webservices.   Can I consume the service? Although Biztalk offers fairly good…


Creating public orchestrations

I am currently working on one of the Biztalk projects that contains a lot of lengthy orchestrations. In order to split them in manageable chunks, we are making intensive use of the call orchestration and start orchestration shapes. As long as the orchestrations remain in a single assembly, it works great. However, for complex solutions, it makes…


Adding Environment Specific Binding Files from Command Prompt

Biztalk 2006 provides the btstask utility to carry out most of the deployment operations from command prompt. However, the help available at the command prompt does not talk anything about adding environment specific binding files.  You can get elaborate information about it on MSDN at this location.- In order to add the environment specific binding…

Alice in Wonderland

I just love what technology has done to our lives. I had never in my life thought that I would be able to read “Alice in Wonderland” the original version of Lewis Carol in his own writing. Microsoft has just launched a version of the Turn the Pages section of the British Library for Windows Vista. It…


What to and what not to do with your MessageBox database server.

The BizTalk Core Engine Team has compiled an excellent list of things that you can or cannot do on your BizTalk Message Box SQL Server. I am sure this will be the most sought after thing by all the database administrators trying to “maintain” the Biztalk databases.

Publishing Biztalk Orchestrations as webservices

When developing Biztalk applications that are exposed as webservices, it becomes quite a tedious job to expose them as webservices everytime there is a change in the orchestration. Even though Visual Studio integrates the BizTalk Web Service Publishing Wizard, it is definitely a cumbersome tool to use everytime. To minimize the efforts, we can have a simple…