Expirience the images with Photosynth!

Its been quite a lot of times that I've been to a certain place, really liked it and tried to photograph it or capture it as much as I can. Objective - obviously to retrieve an image that would represent its complete view whenever I think of looking at it again. Well, I am sure everybody has attempted that and needlessly to say, the efforts are too futile for generating a complete picture.

Many a times, I am on a move for a project, exploring some splendid places in different countries on my way. A lot of these times, I really want to caputre all these so that I can get back a real to life picture of my expiriences for my wife to take a look.

Well, enough of generating the curiosity. Getting to the point, I just came to know about a great new stuff from the MS labs. The PhotoSynth. These MS Labs guys are a bunch of crazy scientists and engineers who argue you to actually revamp your entire internet expirience and obviously provide you the power to do that.  

The PhotoSynth takes a large collection of photographs for a particular place or objects and analyzes them for similarities. In effect, what you really get out of it is a completely re-constructed 3-Dimenstional space. So you want to see the Roman Colloseum? All of it at once? The PhotoSynth would provide you a view to walk through a Colloseum, look at it from any angles, zoom in and out to detail out some aspects of the photograph and the best of it, send over this collection to a friend so that he gets the same expirience - as if he is standing right in the Colloseum.

Isnt that fantastic? Yeah, I am really waiting to get my hands on one of these for trying it out. This is the first major technology preview from the MS Labs and I am quite a lot excited about it.

For all you guys who are interested, get on to the MS Labs blog @ http://labs.live.com/photosynth/blogs/, Or watch the videos @ http://labs.live.com/photosynth/video.html.

Unfortunately, there is a small wait until we really get to lay our hands on this. But it just builds up the excitement right?



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