The blue badge!

    A month with MS now and I am sure it was never this good !

I joined MS Global Service as a Consultant over 3-4 weeks ago in mid of March and started sporting a blud badge. Life has been pretty much very hectic.. so much that I dint even get time to write a single blog post !
The first thing that I had aspired for before joining MS was my name after ... and I was able to get time for it after almost 4 weeks!

But this by far the best place to be; and if you are working with Microsoft technologies, then it is THE place to be! Last 3 weeks have been astounding. I have been working on really bleeding edge things like the Windows Communication Foundation and it has been a great fun.

I just created this blog and thought I would share this with you. More to come on the techie side - soon.

Watch out for it !

And hey, if anybody of you is interested, my old posts are at -

Of course, going further, I will be moving them on this one.

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