How to Encrypt SQL communication on the wire

A lot of applications are moving to the cloud. The Iaas model provides a great way to lift and shift the applications and start leveraging the goodness of the cloud without having to re-write to adapt to the Platform-As-a-Service (Paas) model. Of course, the Paas is going to be immensely efficient in the longer term,…


Managing VC++ legacy within your Enterprise

Firstly, let the title of this blog post not fool you. VC++ is very much alive. Take a quick look at the VC++ blog and you will see that there is continuous investment still happening with VC++. However, while we say that, there are a lot of organizations that have a ton of legacy VC++ applications…


API Management: Quota versus Rate Limits

Azure API Management provides really good capabilities for usage throttling. This is useful in scenarios such as defending against a denial of service attack and protecting back-end services against a huge influx of requests to your API layer. It can also be used to provide tier based access restrictions to your customers as a feature….


ASP.Net Session Swapping – Why it happens and what can be done about it?

Referring my recent post from the Premier Developer Blog. Kernel Cache is a powerful and well-known feature introduced in IIS 7 and found in all later versions.  It’s the highly performant server level cache that very efficiently delivers frequently used content.  Since the cache is in kernel memory, it is served even before the request…


Auto-Start your ASP.Net apps

Moving to the .net paradigm a decade ago, the JIT compiler has always been a nasty part of most of us developing the ASP.Net applications. I cannot recollect how many times I have wished that I was able to provide exactly the same experience to the first user that the subsequent users would see. So…


Availability, Scalability and DR for BizTalk Server

Recently, I had to talk to a customer of mine explaining setting up of optimal BizTalk infrastructure. It was almost a 101 conversation regarding BizTalk Availability, Scalability and Disaster Recovery. That’s when I realized that there is not really a unified a concise view of these concepts anywhere on the Internet. Here a stab that…


Hotfix for assembly reference issues with BizTalk Projects in Visual Studio 2009

When working with a BizTalk solution, I ran into these issues a lot of times. The orchestrations in the referenced BizTalk project may show compiler warnings. The changes that are made to the referenced BizTalk project are not propagated on to the referencing project. When you edit the orchestrations of the referenced project, XLANG errors…


ESB Toolkit 2.0 – Unable to add new itinerary

So here is what happened. On a 64 bit Windows 2008 server, I got the required BizTalk & Visual Studio components installed and configured along with ESB pre-requisites. Once done with the ESB Toolkit configuration, I started with creating a sample itinerary. Created a new C# Class Library project and right clicked the project to…


Quick Tips: DTA DB Purge without Archiving

BizTalk provides an out of the box job that can be configured to archive and purge BizTalk databases. But sometimes you might be in a situation where archival not necessary and you might as well save that time and simply purge the tracking data. If you want to do that, here is a quick tip…


Required NTFS permissions for BizTalk File Adapter connecting to network share

When connecting to a network file share using BizTalk File adapter, you might’ve noticed that just specifying “Modify” rights is not sufficient. In simple configuration terms, you would need to have a minimum of “Full Control” or the BizTalk Host Service Account. Obviously this would not gel well with the system administrators. Tom Canter (…