Coherence With .Net

In one of my recent projects I was implementing Enterprise level caching using Coherence. As you might be aware its written in Java and expects all the objects (that needs to be cached in it) in a Portable Object Format. This is to allow interoperability and platform independence. If the client is Java, the POF…


A walk in the park

I have written some Domain specific blogs. You can find them here: I will resume my postings on Patterns and Frameworks soon. Till then đŸ™‚    


Creational – Factory Pattern

In continuation to my previous post, I am presenting you a sample code that implements Factory Pattern. The overview: – We are using the Person, Gift and Letter classes as we did in the Abstract Factory Pattern implementation. This is just to show how you can use the same scenario against different patterns. – The abstract Person…


Software Design Patterns – Creational Patterns

This happens to be the first of my articles on Software Design Patterns. I will present some basics followed by implementation of the pattern. These patterns help make a system independent of how its objects are created, composed and represented.A class creational pattern uses inheritance to vary the class that’s instantiated, whereas the object creational…


Creational – Abstract factory Pattern

In continuation to my previous post, I am presenting you a sample code that implements Abstract Factory Pattern. The overview: – This implementation contains a factory called Person. – The Product/Entity class is represented by 2 abstract classes called Gift and Letter. – The client class is called Client. – Employee and Colleague inherits from Person. – Email inherits Letter…


How To: Use SqlMetal.exe to Create a Class from XML and Database

If you don’t have Visual C# Codename Orcas Express Edition installed on your development machine, and you are using Visual Studio 2005 with the LINQ 2006 CTP, then SqlMetal.exe is something that you must lookout for. It is the O/R mapper that you must use to create a strongly typed class, and use it with DLinq….


How To: Seemlessly Export Data From Database to XML using LINQ

  While exploring a number of neat features available in the Visual C# Orcas Express Edition, you will see the following: There is no namespace like DLinq, or XLinq anymore, they are replace with more meaningfulSystem.Data.Linq andSystem.Xml.Linq However, the latter appears by default in a console application, System.Data.Linq will be added to the references once…


LINQ Lists – Anonymous Methods and Lambda Expressions

  Year: 2005 A.D.The C# 2.0 specification is released in the month of September. It talks about “new” features. We were introduced with a new “in-line” feature of using delegates. We called it “Anonymous Methods”. Needless to say, its named as such because:- Its Anonymous (no method name is given)- Its InLine (How can you…


The Var Of The Worlds

Hello folks, This time we will explore LINQ over a series of Posts. As you must be knowing the age old “var” is back. But, is it the same old var that used to be in VB 6.0 days? Precisely its not the same it has got a number of new features:- You have to…


How To: Create an efficient data driven page with Business Objects, GridView, Custom paging, and AJAX

Preface: I have seen a large number of cases where the customer complaint of performance and scalability issues when they create/manage a data-aware application. That’s when I decided that I should come up with something that is concise, efficient, and easy to implement for developers. Here, is what I created a couple of days ago….