List of Site Templates in SharePoint 2010

Many times we come across the question that what site template we should use for a particular required. Whether we can use out-of-the-box template or do we need to create a custom site template? We can answer these questions only when we know about all the site templates provided by SharePoint 2010 out-of-the-box. For that I was searching for some available resources and got some good resources, I thought it, it would be useful for others also to have these resources listed in one single place – and hence sharing here:

1. Which SharePoint 2010 Site Template Is Right For Me? (

A blog post from “Todd Baginski”. He provides an overview of site templates and sub-site templates that are available with SharePoint 2010. Todd also discusses templates that are new to SharePoint 2010, the various kinds of lists that are available for particular templates.

2. A preview of the SharePoint Server 2010 site templates (

The page provides videos for different site templates. The videos provide a quick preview of these templates, what they look like, what’s included, and how you might use them in your organization. Each video is less than a minute long so that you can go through them quickly and decide which template is best for you.

3. Sites and site collections overview (SharePoint Server 2010) (

This TechNet page provides a table that lists every site template, describes the purpose of each, and indicates whether the template is available at the site collection level, site level, or both. It also provides the category that is used to group the templates. As the category might be different, depending on the level at which a site is created, it provides category at both the levels.

4. SharePoint 2010 Site Template (

As the name suggests, this blog post provide you quick overview of site templates by providing the screen shots of their home pages.

Hope you find this useful!

Comments (4)

  1. I am working on SharePoint Server from last 3 years, but I am not clear on the OOB Site Templates and the structure they provide. I always used to start with a Publishing Template.

    But after reading the resources which you shared, its pretty clear about the Templates. Thank you Sanjay for sharing.

  2. Amol Ghuge says:

    How do I find out which template i am using for the site in SharePoint 2010 ?

    Previously it was very easy by means of .cab file but in SP2010, a .WSP file will be created. i have checked the manifest.xml file also but not able to find out the name of the template as well as associate ID

    can you please help ? Thanks

  3. share point 2010 says:…/create-a-custom-sharepoint-2010-template

    trang web này của tôi mới làm, mong mọi người ủng hộ xem có được không

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