Webcast: How to transform your Dynamics business with Windows Azure

        Do you offer any Line-Of-Business (LOB) solution today or see an opportunity to launch an application for an industry vertical, or tap a different market segment or geography . You may want to join us for this upcoming one hour webcast (Feb 8, 2012 noon ET) to learn and leverage Windows Azure Platform…


Kinect Demo at FIRST FTC Robotics Competition at University of Delaware

       High-School Team of FAME Delaware (a STEM Program for Minority Students) delivered an awesome Kinect Demo during FTC Robotics competition (FIRST Tech Challenge Bowled Over) today at Bob Carpenter Center, University of Delaware. It was a great experience to help FAME Team and work with so many wonderful people to make it…


Windows Azure – How Do I: Hello Azure (Part 2)

In this “Hello Azure Part 2” episode of How DO I series, let’s package and deploy our Hello Azure application. Key Points:    You need Windows Azure SDK for .NET and Visual Studio Tools for Windows Azure (download from here) Run Visual Studio as Administrator to be able to use Windows Azure Emulators Additional Resources: Windows…


Windows Azure – How Do I: Hello Azure (Part 1)

In this “Hello Azure Part 1” episode of How DO I series let’s create a simple Windows Azure application (say Hello Azure), debug it and run it locally. In Part 2, let’s package it and deploy it to Windows Azure. Key Points: You need Windows Azure SDK for .NET and Visual Studio Tools for Windows…


Windows Azure ‘n’ Action Café

  Please join us at the Azure ‘n’ Action Café for the ‘lunch and learn’ online sessions on a series of topics related to the Windows Azure Platform. These are jump-start overview sessions including demos and best practices. We are partnering with world class expert speakers from Microsoft to bring this exciting content to you….


Windows Azure Discover Event in New York on 24-Jan-2012

         We are hosting a half-day Windows Azure Discover Event (part of world-wide series brought to you by Metro – Microsoft’s Early Adopter Program and is free of charge) in New York City on Tue 24-Jan-2012 from 9:30am – 1:30pm. Our goal is to help ISVs and software startups understand latest updates on Microsoft’s…


Windows Azure – How Do I: Sign-up a free Trial Account

In this How DO I series let’s see how to sign up a free 3-months trial account of Windows Azure.      Key Points: · Free for 3-months · Does require a Credit Card but comes with a default spending limit of $0 · Monthly allocation includes 750 Small Compute Hours, 1GB Web Edition of…