Day5: 2nd CRM Incubation Week


Directly from 2nd CRM Incubation Week in Boston, MA..


Final day!! Everyone is excited and little nervous; want to do the best today.


Larry Gregory, Sr. Director, US Partner Evangelism, briefed the Panel Judges on the Microsoft’s vision and programs for startup ecosystem. I explained the concept of CRM Incubation Week and how it aligns under BizSpark offerings for Startups.


Each team worked very hard and gave their best pitch to Panel Judges. We were fortunate to have following judges as part of the panel.

1.   Denis Pombriant, known CRM Industry Analyst from Beagle Research Group

2.   Jim Sargent, Vice President of Tectura’s Enterprise Services Business Unit

3.   James Geshwiler, Managing Director, CommonAngels

4.   Joe Caruso, Bantam Group VC

5.   Todd Higgerson, Commonwealth Capital Ventures

6.   Don Dodge, Emerging Business Team, Microsoft


Lunch was great; love Indian Cuisine. During closing session, we were lucky to get several senior leaders from Microsoft to share their vision and encourage startups.


Christopher Sakalosky, Dynamics General Manager, East Region, Microsoft Corp, shared his vision on Dynamics CRM as a business application and CRM as a Platform (XRM), and what it can mean to Startups in today’s economy.


Liam Spaeth, General Manager, MTC, Microsoft Corp, shared his vision on Microsoft Technology Centers and how it helps various organizations in adopting various technologies. Liam started the 1st MTC in Waltham, MA and now we have 8 MTCs in US.


I know you can’t wait to hear the winners. Every team is winner. The fact that each team got invited to this event is itself a big recognition and in addition each team got a colorful Graduation Certificate. And the Award goes to:



Startup Team


Most Innovative Award


Houston, TX

Most Viable Business Award


Newton, MA

Best XRM Solution Award


Lima, OH












Sanjay Jain

ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation



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  1. Guest blogger and CRM MVP Jim Steger brings us up to speed on the 2nd Microsoft Dynamics CRM Incubation

  2. Thank you for making the 2 nd CRM Incubation Week such a huge success. We could not have done this without

  3. Thank you for making the 2 nd CRM Incubation Week such a huge success. We could not have done this without

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