OpenOffice ads and suggestions for future Sun ads

I’m sitting on the bus right now and I see a bunch of ads for OpenOffice,org.  I suppose putting ads on the route that runs from Redmond to Seattle is pretty clever as they’re sure to get throngs of Microsoft employees looking at it and surely having a reaction.  It’s not so much that they are advertising as much as the slogans they are using.  For those who haven’t seen the ad campaign, it is essentially the T-shirt covered torsos of men and women with each torso reading a different slogan for OpenOffice.  Of course, pretty much every slogan is a dig at Microsoft or Office.  The sayings include “Us-opoly”, “Compatible with expensive, closed, memory-loving software” (it’s like I hear Jonathan Schwartz’s voice), “Prehistoric reptilians welcome” (ahh, a jab at the MS Office ad campaign), and “By the people, for the people” (here I thought people made MS Office--I guess those prehistoric reptilians are actually the ones who write the software).  Well, as a guy who did his stint in b-school and a marketing gig at Microsoft, I thought I could lend some creativity to help Sun with their next wave of T-shirts not just for OpenOffice, but for the whole company.


ü       “We sell SPARC CPUs.  Remember SPARC?”

ü       “Sun Microsystems:  Where Unix came to die.”

ü       “Solaris, er, Linux, no Solaris, no Linux, uh Solaris, no, aw never mind”

ü       “AMD CPUs.  Linux OSs.  We just add the cool logo.”

ü       “It's a good thing we didn't buy Apple.”

ü       “At least we didn’t throw chairs when Bill Joy left (they were repossessed).”

ü       "We're the kings of open software (except Java)" 

ü       “Spite is so a business strategy” 

ü       “Yes, we are still in business.  Why does everyone ask us that?”


Good luck Sun.  I hope these help and you guys make a profit again. 

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  1. I’ve started taking mass transit to work recently, and when I arrive in Bellevue – a stone’s throw away…

  2. Rohan Pinto says:

    When ads like these show up, blog-warz begin.

  3. As I was going through my Inbox, I spotted a comment to my blog that seems especially connected to my…

  4. As I was going through my Inbox, I spotted a comment to my blog that seems especially connected to my

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