Revenge of the Marketing Nerds

Recently, Microsoft went through a major reorganization that really changes the primary leadership of this company. Three primary groups were created to divide the business into broader areas of focus. While many are speculating on why Microsoft did this, I am actually very interested in looking at who they did it with and the ramifications….


Ward Moves On

During my time at Microsoft, I have had the chance to meet some really amazing people.  This was especially true during my time at the patterns & practices group where there was a tremendous ability to bring in some really special people.  Among them was definitely Ward Cunningham.  Ward’s list of accomplishments is amazing, but you wouldn’t…


Projects Coming Back

Having spent the better part of the last 7-8 months working with a dedicated team to revive GotDotNet, it excites me every time I see a cool project go up on Workspaces.  In the site’s darkest days, it was like a ghost town version of a website.  I was reminded of the famous sign that…